The “single again” club of Bollywood

They were married once and now they are back to being single again. These men are powerful and doing pretty good in their careers. However their personal lives have not been that smooth.
So here are five men who are back to being single again.


Hrithik Roshan : Hrithik Roshan announced his separation from his wife Suzanne last year and this year the court has granted them a divorce. However, he and his ex wife are examples to everybody of being good parents.  


Farhan Akhtar : Farhan Akhtar has in recent times announced his separation with his wife Adhuna Bhabani, a hairstylist.


Arbaaz Khan : He and Malaika Arora Khan announced that they are getting divorced but recent reports say that they are trying to patch up again. 


Imtiaz Ali : He has separated from his wife Preety. There are no authentic reports available about why this unfortunate thing happened. 


Anurag Kashyap : He was married to Kalki Koechlin, one of the most talented actresses of our times. According to reports, they remain friends for life.

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