Shah Rukh Khan’s obsession with numbers

Do you know that Shah Rukh Khan actually believes in numerology and doesn’t really talk about it. Yes, we will give you proof of this.

Shah Rukh is obsessed with numbers : Shah Rukh is obsessed with dates and numbers and out of all the numbers there are two numbers that are his favorites and he actually believes in them.

He loves the number five : Shah Rukh somehow has this obsession with the number five. In fact not five, it’s triple five. If he decided to pair it up with any number it has to be a four. So, the numbers Shah Rukh Khan loves are five and four.

All the numbers that touch his life bear this number: Shah Rukh Khan has actually taken this number for everything that touches his daily life. So his cars bear the number plate of this number, his mobile numbers are the same, it’s a combination of triple five and four. 

Shah Rukh never talks about this : Shah Rukh never really agreed to discuss why his personal numbers bear this strange resemblance to the numbers five and four. In fact, if you see a list of numbers, one look at it and you will know that which number belong to Shah Rukh.

He also used the same number for his family and closest friends : Shah Rukh, if he gets to choose the numbers, chooses the same numbers for his friends and his family as well. Though some speculate that he listens to a numerologist, nobody knows who he is.

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