Bollywood actors and their love for mangoes

Today we might complain and groan about summer season, but as kids this season was the one that we would look forward to the most. Summer vacations, visiting grandparents, and unlimited supply of mangoes!  
Mangoes! A fruit that is loved by all, in any form, at any time. While most of us enjoy having the king of fruit, each region has some unique dishes made of the mango pulp.
Aam ras puri, aamrakhand, aam ka panna, raw mango masala rice, mango barfi… and the delicious list can go on…
We list some of the favorite mango delicacies our celebrities cannot resist.

Riteish Deshmukh : He waits through the year for the summer season to have his favorite fruit. He loves gobbling up mangoes and Hapoos is his favorite variety.

Shreya Ghoshal : The singer with a super melodious voice cannot resist mango barfi. She is not a sweets person but this is one dessert that she cannot resist.

Swara Bhaskar : She likes to sip aam panna during her leisure time. She particularly likes the aam panna prepared by her mother or grandmother.  

Amitabh Bachchan : The superstar has described his love for mangoes in his blog. He writes. “The charm of eating this royal fruit is with the bare hands or none at all. Unless you can feel the skin and the ‘meat’ of its body under lascivious tongue, it is and has been said, you have not eaten a mango!” He reminisces of some childhood memories associated with mangoes.

“During the early years in Allahabad, when the means were scarce and the availability for the fruit was limited to the cheaper versions, the ‘chusni’, or the one that could be sucked – small, rounded and within the palm of the hand in size – occupied our attention.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh : He is known for his fitness obsession and sticking to a healthy diet. He totally loves to binge on fruits and mango is one of his favorites!

Kajal Aggarwal : She simply cannot control her cravings for mangoes and eats two-three mangoes a day during the season.

Celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor have proclaimed their love for the fruit through the mango based drinks that they endorse.
Since lately celebrities are super conscious about their eating habits, they tend to avoid enjoying this fruit. There are some misconceptions that mango is fattening and hence people consciously avoid eating their favorite fruit. 

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