Postcard from Bollywood: Varun Dhawan

Do you think you know everything about what’s going around about Varun Dhawan? Well, here are the latest gossips that have populated the media about Varun Dhawan.

Varun Dhawan is considering to act in a sequel of the Salman Khan starrer Judwaa. The script is apparently being written for him. Apparently, Shraddha Kapoor and Aalia Bhatt have been approached to play his heroines.

Varun was recently reported to be the victim of a fraud when he was duped by a conman posing as a taxman. It is not certain how he has managed to extort from Varun.

Varun Dhawan wants to buy a pet soon. He has voted in favour of a British bulldog. He already has dogs as pets.

It has been recently reported Varun Dhawan might be moving in with his girlfriend who is not from Bollywood.

Varun Dhawan is back in the gym again. He is apparently beefing up for his next film where he will sport a beefed up look. The look will last for two films.

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