Five more things you didn’t know about Aalia Bhatt

So you think you know everything about the hottest young actress in town? Well, then try this! I am sure you never knew this ever about Alia.

Alia has been asking her dad to direct a film for her. Her dad Mahesh Bhatt had made films for Pooja Bhatt and she wants him to direct another film for her. So far Mahesh Bhatt hasn’t responded to her pleas. But we hope he does relent someday. 

She says her mom taught her everything. The very nature of Alia Bhatt to keep everything subtle comes from her mom. Her mom told her not to be loud in her makeup, dress, behavior or even in her acting. This piece of advice Alia feels made her what she is today.

Her best film till date is Saaransh which was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and where her mother acted too. This is what she says about the film. “Tears roll down my eyes whenever I watch Saaransh. Especially the scene where he demands the ashes of his son to be handed over to him, it’s a heart wrenching scene.”

Alia hates studying even though she is a good student. Alia has consistently scored good marks in school but she doesn’t like studying much. In fact she doesn’t want to do anything that deals with books. She feels that life is the best teacher.

Alia never handles her money. Alia gives all her money to her mom who invests all her money. Alia just keeps some money for herself to buy gifts for her family.

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