How Akshay Kumar got his first break

Here’s the unknown story behind Akshay
Kumar’s first break as a Bollywood hero

Nobody knows this but Akshay Kumar became a film hero quite by accident.

Akshay became a model after he came from Bangkok to Mumbai.

So, how did he become a hero from being a model? Do you know that story?

Well, here is that that story.

This incident happened when Akshay was a struggling model in Mumbai.

One day, he had to take a 6 am flight for a modelling assignment in
Bangalore and by mistake he thought that it was a 6 pm flight. When he reached Mumbai
airport, he realised his mistake.

When Akshay called the advertising agency to apologise, they fired the
hell out of him.

They slammed down the phone on his face saying that he will never get
work in Mumbai because he is so unprofessional.

Tears flowing from his eyes, Akshay was walking past Nataraj Studios,
carrying his portfolio pictures in his hand.

Then on the spur of the moment, he went inside a studio floor. There he
spotted a  make-up man. He saw a
disturbed Akshay clutching on to a bunch of portfolio photos.

The make-up man had pity on him and he asked for the photos.

He immediately took them inside and showed them to Pramod Chakraborty.

What happened next was no less than a dream.

Pramod asked him to meet him again and subsequently signed him for his
next film, Deedar (1992, also
starring Anupam Kher and Karishma Kapoor).

The director then gave me a cheque for five thousand rupees.

Akshay admits that If he hadn’t missed his flight, he wouldn’t have been
standing in front of Pramod Chakraborty that day.

Everybody knows that Akshay’s first film is Saugandh (1991, also
starring Raakhee and Shantipriya) but it was that Bengali man Pramod who
gave him an entry into Bollywood.

Akshay says that he remains indebted to him
for that to this day as Deedar was
first Bollywood he signed. 

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