When Celebs turn authors

From the world famous comedian Steve Martin to the national radio-jockey turned actor Ayushman Khurana, celebrities are moving from  celluloid to become bibliophiles, with great ease. Many celebs have put pen to paper and become published authors. Here are 10 books that originate from the entertainment industry and are worth a read. 

Romancing with Life” by Dev Anand is a memoir of this legendary icon. He talks about his early life, the struggle he went through for his career, his relationship with his brothers, the views he had of co-actresses as well as his most celebrated sixty years of Bollywood.

Quiver” by Javed Akhtar is beautiful compilation of Akhtar’s poems and ghazals while he reminisces his childhood and expresses his agony and joy through them.

The Best Thing about You Is You” by Anupam Kher is a book that gives the reader a sense of inner tranquility and teaches some valuable lessons about life. This modest Bollywood star uses his own life examples to help the readers attain their successes despite being from a humble background and how to deal with the fame thereafter.

The Kiss of Life” by Emraan Hashmi is an autobiography of sorts, commencing with the actors childhood but then quickly moving on to the struggle his son went through while battling cancer. 

 “A Memoir” by Naseeruddin Shah is a straightforward book by the guileless actor, wherein he talks about his likes and dislikes, indulgences and other things. There are no sugar coated incidents only straight facts.

Scandal Point” by the renowned film-maker Fahad Samar, is about the glamorous celebrity life which everyone dreams about, the shenanigans and the scandals that follow.  

A Visual Journey” by Ed Sheeran is a book by the famous and very private singer about his childhood, his hopes and dreams and the individuals who influenced his music.

 “The Gun Seller” by Hugh Laurie, is a book revolving around a retired Army officer and his involvement in arms dealership, CIA, and terrorism.

The Perfect Letter” by Chris Harrison, the host of the shows ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, explores the risks and rewards of falling in love.

Wigfield: The Can Do Town Just May Not” by Stephen Colbert and co-authored by Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, is a satirical piece which revolves around a small town on the verge of extinction. Stephen Colbert played the protagonists’ best friend in the T.V. Show ‘House’. ‎

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