One has to always look their best when you are a part of the showbiz. Eating habits play a crucial role especially for celebrities.  Being a mom adds in additional responsibility and weight too.

From breakfast to dinner, we list what Bollywood mommies eat and what they avoid to look fit and fabulous always.

AISHWARYA RAI : The gorgeous global icon is very particular and disciplined regarding her eating habits. Her diet includes boiled vegetables, brown rice, grilled fish and juices. She also consumes lots of fruits, leafy green vegetables and dairy products. She avoids alcohol, smoking, packaged and junk food.

SHILPA SHETTY : Shilpa Shetty is known to be a fitness and yoga enthusiast. She follows a healthy diet to maintain her svelte frame. She begins her day with amla or aloe vera juice. Instead of replacing carbs completely, her meals include brown carbs such as brown rice, brown pasta, brown sugar, brown bread. Her lunch usually comprises of brown rice or chappati, dal, chicken curry and a vegetable. For evening snacks, she consumes brown bread toast, egg and green tea. Dinner is early and light with salads, soup and a chicken dish.

LARA DUTTA : Since she is a vegetarian, her food usually includes dal and lentils to get her protein intake. She also sips on lot of water throughout the day. Breakfast is generally the most significant meal of the day and she has porridge, omelette with raw veggies. For lunch, she usually eats vegetables, salads and rotis. Dinner is the lightest meal of the day. The talented actress believes is completely staying off caffeine and its products.

SONALI BENDRE : She doesn’t follow a very strict diet but is careful about her eating habits. She believes in finding healthier alternatives for the favorite foods and eats everything in moderation. Her diet includes skimmed milk, salads, green vegetables and a lot of fruits. This also helps her set the perfect example for her son. 

MADHURI : The Bollywood beauty with a million dollar smile is a conscious and healthy eater. Madhuri eats 5-6 small meals at regular intervals and includes lot of fruits and vegetables in her daily diet. A small breakfast consists of oatmeal or three egg whites and toast, followed by tea. Mid-meal comprises of nuts or curd with some fruit. Lunch usually has a piece of chicken, some vegetables and bajre ki roti. Early dinner includes a bowl of salad, grilled fish or chicken and vegetables. She stays away from oily, fatty foods, colas or other caffeine based drinks.

MALAIKA ARORA : She is known for her sizzling figure since her Chaiyya Chaiyya days. Obviously this dancing diva follows a disciplined food and fitness regimen. Her breakfast consists of a bowl of fresh fruits with either idli, porridge, upma, poha or multigrain toast with egg whites. For mid-day snack she has a glass of fresh vegetable juice mixed with some amla juice and brown bread toasts with egg whites. Her lunch comprises of 2 chapattis and rice with veggies, chicken and sprouts. For evening snack she has a peanut butter sandwich. Dinner is a light meal with soup, steamed veggies and salad. She stays hydrated throughout the day with coconut water, vegetable juices and water.

KAJOL : Since the last few years, Kajol has been conscious and believes in healthy eating. Kajol has high quality protein from various sources like chicken, fish, paneer, eggs and nuts. Kajol follows a balance diet, consumes everything in small quantities and doesn’t starve herself. Since, she is fond of non-vegetarian food; she eats fish, eggs and chicken but avoids junk food.  

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