Surprise countries that love Bollywood movies just like us

When it comes to distribution of their films, Bollywood is not restricted to known countries like USA, UK or Australia. The effect of Bollywood has spread far and wide. There are many countries who are mad about Bollywood just like we are.
Here is a list of countries where you are likely to come across a theatre screening a Bollywood film.

Russia : The number of Indians living in China is minuscule. But even then Bollywood has found a market there. Russians have been patronizing Bollywood movies ever since Raj Kapoor.

Nigeria : Not too many Indians generally live in Nigeria but Nigerians are crazy about Bollywood. Bollywood films are regularly released there and their DVD stores are full of Bollywood films.

Egypt : If there is any country which truly values Bollywood films then it is Egypt. You need to go to that country to find out how Egyptians are crazy about Bollywood. Bollywood movies were briefly banned in Egypt but the people fought with the government to bring Bollywood back on the big screen.

China : We know that it is the unlikeliest of countries to patronize Bollywood but with 3Idiots, Bollywood has stumbled upon a goldmine in China. China now sees regular release of Bollywood films even though they are released in limited numbers.


Indonesia : Bollywood gets very high values on Indonesian television these days. Some of the popular soaps are also dubbed there. Indonesia is also letting Bollywood films release at select theaters because of its massive popularity.

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