One-on-one with Shraddha Kapoor: I can discuss my boyfriends with my mom

Shraddha Kapoor is on a high with four back-to-back films in the pipeline – Baaghi, A Flying Jatt, Rock On 2 and Ok Jaanu. She is shooting non-stop and it’s really tough to get time from her for a one-on-one chat. Yet, the actress took time for us for an exclusive chat. Here are the excerpts…

We heard that you are quite a rebel when it comes to certain things?

I feel self-defense is definitely  important to men as well as women. If someone misbehaves with me I will not stop myself. However, I want to rebel for a good cause. I feel that everybody has a reason to be a rebel. I feel one should stand by for what one believes in.

Did you have to rebel against your parents for anything?

I have rebelled for wanting to go to college abroad as my parents didn’t want to let me go. They finally relented. There was an instance when I had cheated in exams and got caught. Mom was called to school and I got a scolding of my life. She made sure that I didn’t do it again. My dad is more strict. He pampered me more but he was very strict in many other ways.

How’s your bonding with your brother?

We used to fight a lot during childhood. We even have a picture of me crying and him laughing at me. We get along better now and don’t fight as we hardly get any time to spend together. He now pampers me as he is three-and-half years older to me.

How is your relationship with your mom?

My mom is my best friend and we get along well. Sometimes, I have to tell her be a mom (laughs). She is a constant guide and I can’t think of a life without her.

How did you face the days when you heard negative stories about your father?

It’s a part and parcel of industry and we can’t control people who write negative things about him. But my mother has always been super cool about it. (During these trying times) she often used to narrate interesting stories about how she met dad. She is like my older sister.  When I wake up, I need to have chai with her first thing in the morning. I love spending time together and when we have holidays, we go together and we have so much fun. I discuss my boyfriends with her and if I like someone I tell her. We are that open about eveything.

How supportive are they now?

My dad and mom have always supported me and they have told me that whatever I do is my choice.

Tell us about Baaghi?

Baaghi is the story of  two rebels who come together. One rebel  discovers his potential and how they overcome one force together.  It has got a lot of drama and action.

We heard you specially trained for the action scenes in the movie?

I had to undergo training which I did in Bangkok. Kicha sir trained me in a few forms of martial arts but not too advanced modules as we didn’t have much time. It was physically demanding.

What kind of fitness training did you undergo during this period?

I trained in martial arts. My martial art regimen was also used for my physical training.  Martial arts and dance are very similar.

It’s been almost six years, how do you look back on your journey?

I feel very grateful and I feel proud of myself. It’s nice when people love your effort and give you the adulation you deserve. I will continue the good work and keep bettering myself. It’s amazing that people have loved my movies and accepted me as a heroine. I cherish this from the bottom of my heart. I feel that I should keep growing and perform better and better. I want to be a better singer too.

You are doing Shaad Ali’s Ok Jaanu. How has the experience been?

We finished one schedule and I am working with Aditya Roy Kapoor again after Aashiqui 2. It’s a rom-com and in a fun space.  I can’t reveal more than that.

What about Rock On2 ?

Rock On2 is almost over.  I will be singing again in that film again. I am looking forward to it.

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