One-on-one with Tiger Shroff : I am not a one-film wonder

Tiger Shroff is back with his second film Baaghi and this time, he has more high-octane action scenes. The actor has trained very hard in martial arts and has done some unbelievable stunts.

We sat down with Tiger for a on-one-one chat about himself and his film and we were surprised with the maturity with which he handled our tough questions. Here is an excerpt from the conversation…

Why did you take such a long gap after your first film?

I got very lucky with my first film and I wanted to give back some more love to my fans. More love in the form of a full paisa vasool action film. That’s why I took time and made sure that my second film is even better than my first. I want to prove that I am here to stay. I am not a one-film wonder.

Do you feel the pressure of stardom?

Yes I do, but the pressure is all about work. I want to take the bar higher, I don’t want to lose what I have got.

Do you feel that stardom comes at a great price?

Everything comes at a price and I am so grateful for all that has happened to me. I am happy and I can’t thank God enough. When I go with friends and when people approach me for pictures and autographs, it’s a great feeling.

What is Baaghi all about? How tough was it shooting for the film?

He (the character) is a rebel without a cause and through martial, art he transforms himself to find a goal for his life. This will easily rank as one of my toughest films.

You have been friends with Shraddha (Kapoor) since school…

We have been friends since childhood. We were schoolmates and I have always been a fan of Shraddha (Kapoor) as she would win all the dance competitions in school. She was a star of our school. She is still the same. She is the sweetest girl and a happy soul. I am so happy that I got to work with her so early in my career.  Here’s a secret about her. She is very hard on herself when she doesn’t get anything right, she will keep at it until she gets it right. Our chemistry was so lovely and she made me comfortable in romantic scenes too. We had to do an intense kissing scene and I was worried how it will turn out. She made me comfortable about it…

So, you are more or less looking to establish yourself as an action hero…

I think it’s too early to typecast me. I am trying to carve my own  niche.  People see me in a certain way and expect something from me. I am also trying to experiment.

Heard you trained in Kalaripayattu for the film, did you  also have a special diet?

Yes, Kalari is the mother of all martial arts. The mast or guru in the film is a Kalari master in real life too. I trained for four months as I was not aware of this type of martial arts. I didn’t have to control my diet much. I would eat a lot as there were lots of action and it kept me hungry all the time.

Who has been your hero in real life?

My papa is my first and original hero. He is my friend and brother. He was a strict dad too. I am non-vegetarian and he’s a vegetarian, so he would be strict with me. I could never eat non-vegetarian food in front of him. I am scared of my parents.

Now that you have become a star yourself how does it feel in front of your father?

There was a time when we would go out for family lunches and people would come to click pictures and autographs with my father.  I would watch him with adulation. I never realised what high it gave him. But now when I go out with my family, people come to me for autograph and selfies.  My father says this makes him proud and gives him the same high.

Does he advice you on your scripts?

I don’t discuss my work with him. I discuss the scripts I get with my mom.

What about your bonding with your sister?

When we were children, she used to fight with me and bully me. I used to get beaten up often. Today, she is my greatest supporter. I don’t get to meet her often these days but I know that she is always around.

You haven’t got a tattoo?

I am scared of needles, so no tattoos for me. Never in my life.

You are playing a superhero in your next, who is your favourite superhero?

Spiderman. One and only.

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