Fitness training secrets of Bollywood Heroes

There are some secrets that none of the celebrities will tell you. However, since we interact with them pretty often we made it a point to ask them every time about how they keep themselves fit. So, here are how the biggest secrets about heroes and how they keep themselves fit.

Hrithik Roshan- Light weight training :Weight training is a part of Hrithik’s training right from the time of his debut in Bollywood. However, we must remember that Hrithik’s weight training is not about putting  more and more weight on your muscles, it’s about lifting light weights but using those weights properly. For example, Hrithik wouldn’t lift heavy dumbbells at all but he would have so many different form of exercises and he would use those lightweight dumbbells to exercise every part of his body.  

Salman Khan – Heavy Weight Training :Salman Khan is the only actor who trains like a body builder. He has all sorts of heavy weights in his gym that he uses for his workouts. Most of Salman Khan’s weights are so heavy that a normal trainer wouldn’t even be able to lift them with one hand. Salman is one of the heaviest weight trainers in Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar – Free hand training : Akshay doesn’t believe in any kind of artificiality. He always believes in free hand exercises and tries out different kinds of them. Once he is done with one form of free hand routine, he will try another one. Akshay is also known to use the Mudgal, an earlier form of Indian club.

Abhishek Bachchan – Cardio : Abhisek Bachchan is not a weight training enthusiast but he will never miss out on his cardio exercises. In fact, there is a gym in his house where he regularly does his cardio exercises. Abhishek also frequently trains with his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. 

John Abraham – Pilates : John is one one of the earliest exponents of Pilates in India. In fact, Pilates is a major form of exercise in his franchise gyms that he opened a few years back.

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