Shah Rukh Khan. Version 2.0

By Shama Bhagat

Shah Rukh Khan7Let’s face it, the last few years have been rather tough on Bollywood’s biggest star – personally and professionally. He has seen success but blockbusters like Chennai Express, Happy New Year and Dilwale have not exactly warmed the hearts of critics. The last one especially was a huge downer with even hard core fans dissing the comedy.

But Shah Rukh, we can now reveal, has a new game-plan. One, which he has been working towards, diligently. The release of Fan, an as unlikely ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ film that there ever will be! It’s all part of a big plan for a big change.

End of the King of Romance?

There are strong indications that the romantic Shah Rukh Khan we have grown up on, will cease to exist. The King of Romance will give birth to a different king in the days to come who will change with the needs of the time.

The change came as Shah Rukh touched 50 last year. Incidentally, all the top three Khans are of the same age but it’s Shah Rukh Khan who will be seen in a different avatar altogether. The new King Khan operates at three levels – the injuries that prompted the change, the actor seeking a new image and finally, the human being seeking a new lifestyle.


Had he been any regular person, King Khan would be confined to a wheel chair by now. It is his determination, steadfast will and indomitable courage that Shah Rukh Khan continues to dance and perform stunts on stage and on screen. Most of his body parts are broken and cause him intense pain. Over the years, Shah Rukh Khan has neglected his injuries.

According to conservative estimates (as Shah Rukh never really talks about his minor surgeries, Shah Rukh Khan has gone through 15 surgeries (both major and minor) and out of which at least five of them were major.

Shah Rukh Khan9Apart from smoking (which has remained his health concern over the years) Shah Rukh Khan opened up about the recent illness. In fact this has come to light that recently when Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan met (over two occasions), the only issue that continued to concern them were their bone pains…

To understand, what Shah Rukh Khan is trying to change about his attitude towards his body, we need to understand what he has gone through before…

  1. 1996: This year Shah Rukh got the first major injury and this started off his physical woes. There was a scene in the film English Babu Desi Mem where Anupam Kher was supposed to lift Shah Rukh. Unfortunately while filming, Shah Rukh Khan fell as he slipped off from the hands of the stunt man who was supposed to catch him. Anupam had to lift his leg, his leg hit Shah Rukh on his chest and Shah Rukh landed with a thud on the floor and ended up with three broken ribs! It is rumoured that Shah Rukh never really took care of his injury and resumed shooting within two weeks.

  2. 1997: The very next year, Shah Rukh Khan had another injury that continues to haunt him to date. While shooting for the hit song, “Ghunghte Mein Chanda….” in Koyla. Shah Rukh Khan performed one of his famous stunts where he swung in the air and landed on his knees on the ground. This stunt – which was done without knee pads – shattered his right knee cap. Again, he never really let his knee heal fully and returned to shooting soon after. Shah Rukh Khan later said that he didn’t want to cause losses to Rakesh Roshan because he had set up his sets in Arunachal Pradesh and there was no way the whole schedule could wait for him to recover.

  3. 1998: The very next year, Shah Rukh Khan’s right leg was in the focus of attention again as a freak accident on the sets of Dil Se, broke his right toe. This happened while shooting for a jump sequence in the title song, “Dil Se”. This time, the director advised him complete rest but as Shah Rukh continued shooting. When a reporter asked him why he chose not to take complete bed rest as per the doctor’s advice, Shah Rukh said he couldn’t stay away from the sets for a long time.

  4. 1998: SRK’s costume on the sets of Duplicate caught fire as he was playing the role of a chef. He was playing a double role in the film and one of the brothers (the character) was a chef. During the ‘show off’ of his culinary skills to the leading lady Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan’s costume caught fire and he had to be taken to a hospital immediately. While treating the burns, it was discovered that his costume had torn through his skin and he had to be given at least 8 to 10 stitches. This didn’t hamper the shooting schedule of the movie…

  5. 2001: He broke his right ankle for a shooting sequence in the film One 2 Ka Four. The ankle got twisted during one of the fighting sequences. Shah Rukh got himself into a plaster and returned on the sets soon after.

  6. 2001: While shooting for Ishq Kameena with Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan hurt his back and he went through a minor surgery at that time. They were shooting on a slippery floor and reportedly Shah Rukh Khan fell down while executing one of his dance moves.

  7. 2003: Shah Rukh Khan has the dubious distinction of injuring himself while doing a cameo in Dulha Mil Gaya. And this injury, to date, remains one of his worst. The injury happened much earlier but when it got worse a year later in 2003, doctors ordered for immediate surgery. This one was for a slip disc injury in his back which continued to haunt him for the rest of his life. Shah Rukh went through a surgery this year where a titanium disc was inserted into his body to keep his shoulder in place.

  8. 2008: SRK hurt himself while shooting for My Name is Khan. This was the first time SRK said he was in actual pain and wanted to get it treated immediately. However, as the whole crew was shooting overseas and cancelling dates would mean huge losses to Karan Johar, Shah Rukh decided against it.

  9. 2010: His shoulder continued to hurt while he was shooting heavy-duty scenes for his home production Ra.One. This was the time when Shah Rukh Khan could halt the shooting as it was his own production and his wife Gauri was a co-producer. His wife decided to halt the shooting of Ra.One briefly so that Shah Rukh could go for a shoulder surgery as his shoulder pain was getting from bad to worse. The surgery was successful even though it meant, in the later years, that the pain would come to haunt Shah Rukh every now and then.

  10. 2013: Shah Rukh got hurt on the sets of Chennai Express during an action scene. This time he got operated in a Mumbai hospital even though he went frequently to London for post operative care and physiotherapy. Even though he was in pain throughout the action scenes, it never really showed on screen, did it? This is the same time when the doctors warned Shah Rukh that any further injury to his right shoulder may mean paralysis for the rest of his life.

  11. 2014: A door fell on him on he sets of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. A press release had to be issued as Shah Rukh Khan was wheeled into the hospital into the Intensive Care Room. The heavy door hit his head first which resulted in some superficial cuts but then it landed on his shoulder which broke his shoulder blades. Shooting had to be postponed for two weeks.

  12. 2015: Shah Rukh again underwent a surgery during June while he was shooting for Raees. This surgery was to ease the bone pains that he was facing. The surgery was successful and the doctors were able to ease the pain.

  13. 2016: Shah Rukh Khan hurt himself again recently while shooting for Fan. Thankfully this time the injury was not major (or we might not know) and he returned to the sets a few days later. We even know that because Shah Rukh himself tweeted about it.


Shah Rukh Khan2With Dilwale getting flak commercially and critically, rumours are rife that Shah Rukh is taking a very hard look at his career and the kind of films he is doing.

Apart from the fact that Shah Rukh might open up to the idea of a second hero pulling the film with him, his friends suggest that the star is selecting only those scripts that are different from what he has done before. So perhaps, no out-and-out romantic film anymore, a fact that his upcoming movie list reiterates…


He opted to get his body leaner and went with VFX (of his own company) which transformed his face. Technically, in Fan Shah Rukh is pitted against Shah Rukh and the two roles don’t complement each other. For this role, getting each track (character) required hours of shooting and also acting on a mark (exact shooting spot that is marked) to help in VFX later.


The first poster created a stir. We haven’t seen him look this intensely since Chak De! SRK plays a bootlegger in this movie set in 1980s Ahmedabad. What a change from Raj/Rahul!

Anand Rai’s Next

Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly playing the role of a dwarf where his body will be transformed through VFX again. Contrary to popular belief, he won’t be on his knees all the time because medically he is not fit to do so. However, this transformation will require hours of VFX friendly shoot and make-up which is far from easy.

Gauri Shinde’s Next

Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt will be seen in a film which is being made by Gauri Shinde. However, both of them will not be paired romantically. We are told that even this script is very different as Shah Rukh might be playing father figure to Alia. If the buzz is true, we may see Shah Rukh play a struggling dad to a rebellious teenager.


Shah Rukh Khan3Shah Rukh Khan has brought in a series of lifestyle changes to help him rule the box office for another two decades. From sticking to a strict diet and fitness regimen to cutting down heavily on his smoking, the superstar is making conscious efforts to compete with younger actors like Varun, Ranbir, Ranveer etc. He used to be chain smoker and had installed a soft drink vending machine at Mannat but those are things of the past. We spoke to a few people close to him to piece together the diet plan that he follows to the T.

  • Shah Rukh is close to kicking the butt! The man who used to be a chain smoker now hardly smokes five cigarettes in a day. We have also heard that there are days when Shah Rukh goes without a smoke, something that is unthinkable even a few years ago.

  • Shah Rukh Khan is fond of meat but now mutton is almost banned from his plate. He is fond of chicken and prefers chicken to any kind of dish any day. However, his chicken is always boiled, never deep fried. Once in a while he enjoys the odd butter chicken of course.

  • King Khan never takes a second helping of any dish. He eats all that is there on his plate and ends it there. And one plate is generally the portion that he eats for a full meal.

  • He has cut out all kinds of carbohydrate in the form of potatoes, rice or wheat from his diet.

  • Lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, paneer and egg whites and skimmed milk form a major part of his diet.

  • To date, you wouldn’t have seen ANY photographs of Shah Rukh eating in public. He generally avoids eating in public as he prefers his privacy while having food.

  • Shah Rukh also has a protein shake after workouts like anyone who’s interested in fitness.

  • He does give in and indulges in parties but he has made it a habit of never drinking in public. He never touches finger food either.

  • He avoids dishes with even a hint of butter.


The article was first published in Masala! HERE

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