Shah Rukh Khan’s diet secrets

One of Shah Rukh’s most awaited movies, Fan releases today. Shah Rukh worked hard to get the look of Gaurav in this film. Here are some facts about Shah Rukh that a true fan will surely want to know. 

There was a time when Shah Rukh Khan used to be a fan of Dum Biriyani. However, these days mutton is banned from his plate altogether. 

Shah Rukh is very fond of chicken. He can even have boiled chicken with a hint of salt and pepper in his diet. That is how the chicken goes in his salads. 

SRK will never be seen asking for more food on his plate. He just fills his plate with food and finishes it. That’s a full meal for him. 

He has cut out all kinds of carbohydrate in the form of potatoes, rice or wheat from his diet.

Turkey, fish, paneer and egg whites and skimmed milk form a major part of his diet these days even though he is not working out as heavily.

He never touches finger food. He will either have a full meal or a salad. Snacking is out of the question. 

He avoids dishes with butter.

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