The most drastic body transformations in Bollywood

Mukesh Ambani’s youngest son Anant Ambani has shocked everyone with his drastic transformation. He went from flab to fab in just 18 months by loosing over a 100 kilos. Do you know that actors and actresses too go through drastic body transformations through a strict regimen of diet and exercise? To fit into their roles, a few leading actors have also gone through drastic body transformations recently. Here’s our list of actors who have very recently lost oodles of flab to fit into their roles.


Parineeti Chopra : Through a new diet regimen that Parineeti is not willing to share and a new workout plan, Parineeti has upped her metabolism and lost oodles of weight. She is rocking it at the awards functions these days.


Bhumi Pednekar : Ever since her last film released, the girl has been on a weight loss spree and her journey isn’t over yet!


Aamir Khan : A part of his usual method acting project, Aamir had gained a lot of weight for his upcoming film Dangal. However he has already shed about 15 kilograms already. Nobody knows how he does it so fast.


Aishwarya Rai : She is an unlikely name on the list but yes, Aishwarya took to a grueling training schedule to get into the look for Jazbaa, her last film. In her next film, she will be donning a even fitter look. 


Randeep Hooda : We hope that you have seen the body that he has prepared to get into the role of his next movie Sarabjit. The photo that is doing the rounds of the internet has shocked everybody. He is looking like a street beggar there. 

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