Five things about SRK you didn’t know

Shah Rukh Khan’s film, Fan, is releasing this week. So here are a few things about Shah Rukh Khan that nobody knows. We are sure that this is going to be a treasure trove for all Shah Rukh Khan fans. 

Shah Rukh loves eating chicken : Whether it is grilled or the same old tandoori, Shah Rukh Khan is never tired of eating chicken. In fact, when he is down with a flu, he always prefers to eat chicken soup. His love of chicken can be traced to his Delhi roots where some of the best dishes of chicken originated. So next time, Shah Rukh drops into your house, you know what to serve him. 

Shah Rukh Khan has withstood the maximum number of surgeries on his body in Bollywood, more than any other actor: Believe it or not Shah Rukh Khan has gone through 15 surgeries (both major and minor) and out of which at least five were major surgeries. Shah Rukh still frequently suffers from intense bone pain because of his injuries.

Shah Rukh spends at least two hours in his bath : Not many people know that the only luxury that Shah Rukh Khan enjoys in his day is when he takes a bath. He sings, recites and rehearses his ‎dialogues in his bath. No doubt sometimes, he takes as much as two hours to finish a shower. 

Shah Rukh hasn’t completed his autobiography in ten years : It was more than a decade back that Shah Rukh Khan decided to write his autobiography. He has almost finished writing it but he keeps on adding chapters and rewriting what he has already written. Hence his autobiography hasn’t seen the light of the day till now. Talk about writers’ block. 

Shah Rukh Khan has got 15 pairs of the same spectacles : Have you seen those square-shaped spectacles that he sometimes wears while reading. Shah Rukh has the same pair of specs everywhere in his house, be it his bed, on the study table, at his office, in his bags, in his car etc. So he never has to carry his specs wherever he goes. No, SRK doesn’t like wearing contact lenses too much.

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