Five things you don’t know about Bipasha’s wedding

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Bipasha might have a Bengali marriage too : The Kolkata media have been informed by close friends of Bipasha there that she is planning to have a Bengali marriage. Her family has already booked a hotel in Kolkata in case Bipasha decides to have a marriage in Kolkata. This might be a closed door function.

Bipasha has agreed to break her ‘No Rice’ diet for her wedding : Very few people know that Bipasha follows a no-rice routine. She only eats rice on her birthday. But Bipasha is extremely fond of eating rice and yes…. machh! Her family is specially preparing a few river fish delicacies for her Eiburo Bhaat. A bengali tradition where the bride is fed by her family before her marriage.

Karan and Bipasha are looking to vanish to a private island post the wedding : The couple have been gifted tickets to a private island as a marriage gift. We don’t know who gave that gift but we got to know that he is a well known Bollywood producer.

Bipasha’s sisters are taking care of the wedding preparations : Bipasha has two sisters, one elder and one younger. Her two sisters have taken charge of the entire preparations and they are the ones who are arranging everything. We are told that Bipasha’s younger sister Vijayeta is most excited about her sister getting married.

A special marriage video is being shot : A special marriage video a-la Bollywood style is being shot for her wedding. In fact we are told that the video shooting has already started to capture the mood of the wedding. We are also told that Bipasha might decide to share the video with the press later on.  

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