Kangana Ranaut says she shies away from socializing.

Your heart will go
out for this talented actor after knowing the reason behind her being an
introvert and shy person.

Kangana Ranaut has definitely evolved as an actor and she
doesn’t cease to surprise us with her brilliant acts on screen, film after
film. However, in real, Kangana is not as outgoing and social a person she
depicts on reel.

The darling ‘Tanu’ of Bollywood admits of shying away
from socializing and gives a rather heart-breaking reason for that, “Whenever I
go for filmi functions, I always feel
like an outsider. I am constantly judged or looked at. I don’t know who to talk
to and how much to talk. Everything is so calculated. That’s the reason I shy
away from socializing.”

The actor further adds, “I am scared to meet or talk to
people I don’t know. And in Bollywood, even when you socialize, people are
scheming. They can’t think beyond Bollywood. I would like to be part of the
group that would enlighten me as an individual.”

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