Bips doesn’t lie! – Top 10 bold quotes of Bindaas Basu!

She is tall, dusky
and beautiful. And yes, she is HOT. However, Bipasha Basu’s sexy quotient
doesn’t merely come from her physical appearance, but also from her smart and
intelligent mind which she often speaks from. Here are top 10 bold statements
of Ms Basu which prove that Bips doesn’t lie!

“I think the producer’s job is a thankless one. After a
film is successful, the actors are the people who are remembered. I prefer
sticking to acting and don’t ever want to get into a producer’s shoes. I would
never want to produce a film.”

“I think the entire country is male dominated and that’s
the way we bring up our children. Things are always in favour of the guys. We
have always been part of a society which is ruled by men.”

“I’m quite Hot! I would rate myself at least seven or
eight on the scale of 10 on my hotness quotient!”

“For Valentine’s Day, a lesbian had bought me a diamond
necklace. She was in love with me. I freaked out. I was so scared.  I started crying. Even now, when I notice
people coming towards me and dancing strangely, I just push them and run away.
I am still petrified.”

“I don’t regret anything I have done or said on record.
In life, I think it is okay to walk away sometimes than live in misery or in
denial. I believe in moving on.”

“I don’t believe in staying in touch with exes. But I
think I have been a lucky person who has had amazing people in my life in the
past. I am close to Dino Morea and Milind Soman.”

“Skin show is the easiest thing anybody can do. Everybody
is showing skin. But there has to be more than just skin to an actor. One skin
show may work by fluke; it doesn’t work like that always. You cannot fool the

“I don’t believe in one-night stands and open
relationships. I have been brought up in a very different manner. In such
matters, I am still old school.”

“I am sure there are various reasons for infidelity. If I
find my partner cheating on me, I would end the relationship there and then
because it shows that it is surely not going to go anywhere.”

“There are many ways to look at a live-in relationship.
I’m not totally for it. Sometimes, they are good because the kinds of human
beings we are; we tend to justify the level of independence in these

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