Sonakshi Sinha feels that south filmmakers are more disciplined

actress, who has worked with many south filmmakers, feels they are ‘faster’ than
B-town filmmakers


Whoever has worked with Sonakshi Sinha can vouch
for the fact that she is extremely punctual and professional, unlike many of
her contemporaries who are always late to arrive on sets. Some of the
contemporary actresses even take pride in making people wait for hours.

No wonder she loves to work with Akshay Kumar who
is disciplined and professional just like her. Akshay always makes it a point to
reach the sets before his call time.

Professionalism is the sole reason why Sonakshi loves
to work with south filmmakers because most of them, according to Sonakshi, are
disciplined in their approach.

“I have worked on four films with south filmmakers
and they have a different style of working (unlike Bollywood filmmakers). South
filmmakers are much quicker and clearer in their vision and hence the shoot
gets over in reasonable time. Their style of working is great,” mentions Sona,
who is exactly opposite of her dad Shatrughan Sinha when it comes to
punctuality. Shatru, as he is fondly known in Bollywood, was infamous for being
one of the most non-punctual actors in the industry in his hey days.

We hope superstardom doesn’t change Sona and she
continues to be like that.

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