It’s a wrong tactic to promote a film on the basis of nudity: Randeep Hooda

The talented
actor, whose last release Main Aur
had a lot of onscreen nudity, feels it’s a wrong strategy to market
a film on that factor alone.

Randeep Hooda was heavily banking on his last release Main Aur Charles to do some wonders to
his career, sadly, the film failed to impress both critically and
commercially. Neither did the actor get any acclaim for his performance nor did the
film set the cash registers ringing at the box office.

Whoever has watched the film would agree that the film had
nudity and steamy scenes in abundance and it only portrayed Charles Shobhraj as
a big womanizer more than the sharp minded criminal which he actually was.

“It was a wrong tactic to promote the movie based on
nudity. But I guess they had their own reasons. Nudity was a small part of the
film. The promotions didn’t work; it could be one of the reasons for the movie
to not do that well. Similar thing had happened during Rang Rasiya too; I guess a lot of people stayed away from the movie
because they thought it will be sleazy. But in fact, it was a very heartwarming
biopic of a great man,” avers Randeep.

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