Kareena feels Saif is detached…

Bebo feels that it is this very quality of her Nawab that makes him the kind of actor he is

If there is one actor-actress pair that every
couple wants to be like then that has to be Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.
Their on-screen chemistry might have not done wonders to the films, but their
real-life chemistry is something everyone envies.

We know how much both Saif and Kareena love to
travel and if both of them aren’t busy shooting then they are busy travelling
to some exotic locations abroad. However, Kareena feels that Saif, who is a
bookworm, is a detached person.

“Well Saif has always been a detached person,”
says Kareena and further adds, “But that’s what makes him the kind of actor he
is. There are times when you just want to let go, meet other people and talk
about things apart from movies. That part of my life I completely owe to Saif.”

So, what has kept the enviable charm in their
marriage still intact? “It’s very important for partners to enjoy each other’s
company more than physicality. I feel most marriages just end up being a
responsibility. I’ve always told Saif it shouldn’t be like that for him and me.
We should be friends; we should talk over a glass of wine – very important to
have an evening of that. That’s what I enjoy and I hope we can always be like

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