The mood swings of Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone appeared at an event in Mumbai yesterday to unveil the poster of Bajirao Mastani that has gone viral today. Deepika – who has publicly proclaimed recently that she suffers from depression – seemed to be irritated and in a particularly bad mood at the event yesterday.

Deepika initially was not provided with a chair on the stage. We were told that the event flow was not exactly as planned. Deepika’s expressive face says it all.


After some delay, Deepika was ready to take questions from Bollywood journalists. The first question thrown at her was not particularly clever. Deepika’s face hardened. Note the expression on her again. Priceless.


This face happened when the second question was thrown at her. Here she has not heard the full question out. It is just an expression of anticipation.


Now that she has heard the question, her irritation visibly came back to haunt her. Her face tells us all. We don’t have to tell her how irritated she were.


Time for another question and this time, Deepika is now in a combative mood, ready to pierce the journalist with her eyes.


Hey look, the journalists made her smile. The question was such that she couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore. The glum atmosphere suddenly changed into an happy one the moment the lovely lady flashed her pearlies.


Here’s Deepika playfully gesturing a slap towards to a journalist. All in good humour. She is now in a playful mood.


Seeing her in a good mood, journalists started approaching her with one-on-one questions. She obliged everybody. She’s happy after all!

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