Finding my man on social media? Impossible: Kangana


She has always been a talented and versatile actor who the filmmakers can bank on. And if that wasn’t enough, director Vikas Bahl gave her the right reasons to be an official ‘Queen’ of a million hearts. However, Kangana has her ideas and ideologies clearly set about her dream man and we must say it’s rather interesting.

While there are many who get into a relationship or find their dream man or woman through social networking sites these days, this is what Kangana has to say about the trend. “I don’t need a social networking site to find my man. I am an actor; how can you expect me to get on to a social networking site and write to anyone, ‘Hey, I am Kangana; will you be my friend?’ That would sound weird na?”

She further proves her point by adding that people should have a sense of humour to be a part of any social platform. “On that ground alone, we can filter a lot of people because most of them don’t have a sense of humour,” she laughs.

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