‘Ranbir will always be very special to me’ says Deepika Padukone

Let’s accept it; Deepika is the pride of every filmmaker who she has worked with and envy of those who haven’t got their name inked in her date diary yet. With one of the most unbelievable success stories to her credit, Deepika is undoubtedly one of the very few sought-after actresses of the industry. While her performances make millions go weak in their knees, her straight-from-the-heart, yet intelligent statements are testimony to the fact that she is beauty with brains!

“For me, being in a relationship is very, very important. Women feel complete when they are in a relationship. But it has to fill you up and make you a better person.”

“Ranbir and I are very close friends and I think he will always be very special to me, not because of what we shared but because of the kind of person he is.”

“My choice of films has never been driven by money. I am not saying I shouldn’t get what I deserve, but at the same time, the choices are not driven by money.”

“I don’t know what others are being paid, so how can I say whether I am the highest paid actress or not? Once I know what others are being paid, then maybe I can comment on that.”

“There wasn’t any issue between Ranbir and me. I could take the liberty of saying what I did because we were friends and we shared that kind of rapport.”

“I’m not seriously pursuing Hollywood films right now, but I won’t say that I won’t to do a Hollywood film. If a film like Fast And Furious is offered to me, I’d definitely consider it.”

Categories: Bollywood

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