Akshay says “Im a slumdog millionaire”

He didn’t hail from a film family. He didn’t have a surname to boast about, but today, after 25 years of being an actor, super star Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly a name to reckon with. With a super-impressive track record to his credit and an enviable line-up of films in his kitty, there is no stopping this khiladi. We bring you some of his note-worthy quotes from his interviews. Read on…

“As an actor, I wish to do films which the filmmakers want me to be part of. I love to work with filmmakers whose ideologies match with mine and who are on the same page as I am as far as content is concerned.”

“Bonding between an actor and a director used to happen earlier but not now. It’s all about being part of a certain camp. The media keep asking me which camp I belong to. I don’t like camps. I like living in my bungalow.”

“Films like Special 26 or Holiday or Baby are emotionally taxing and that’s why I joke around and play pranks with people on the sets. You don’t need to be serious all the time while playing serious characters.”

“Today, it’s not easy to become a hero. Earlier, it wasn’t that difficult. Now, you’ve to be an all-rounder; you’ve to be good at everything and only then the audience accepts you and welcomes you with open arms.”

“You know how eight and 10-pack abs are made today, right? It just happens at the snap of a finger. But those are all scientifically wrong methods, which will only result in a lot of problems in the future.”

“I remember being in dire need of a chance and desperate for a break if only someone believed in me enough. It took more than 16 years for me to reach such a status and even now, I’m still skating on thin ice.”

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