Riteish Deshmukh: Life after ‘Humshakals’

Reteish Deshmukh in Humshakals

 Reteish Deshmukh in Humshakals

Even though Humshakals has generated much flak from critics, the result is not showing on its box office collections. The film is racing towards a decent finish even though Riteish Deshmukh is preparing himself for one more heavy-duty release this week.

The  actor is aware of the flak that Humshakals has received but admits in the same breath that pulling off a drag act is no mean task. This is not the first time Ritesih dressed up as a woman, he donned a salwar-kameez in Apna Sapna Money Money in 2006.
“It’s difficult to play a girl on screen and looking like a girl on screen is all the more difficult. When I did Apna Sapna Money Money, I was covered from head to toe in a salwar-kameez, but even then I felt that my broad shoulders and biceps went against the character’s look. In Humshakals, it was difficult picking up a costume as the scene was to be shot on the beach. (Director) Sajid (Khan) wanted us to don a swimming costumes but we refused.  Saif too agreed with me and said that we can’t hide a lot of things with that costume. Ultimately, we wore a sarong and that saved the day.  I had to wax my entire body.”
Riteish felt that the drag act was ‘brave’ for Saif Ali Khan and Ram Kapoor who have never done it before. “Saif was very brave but Ram was the bravest.”
In jest, Ritesih admitted that his wife (Genelia D’Souza) hated his drag act. “It feels great to be complimented for the look. However, my wife hated it because she might have felt I managed to pull it off well,” he laughed.

Riteish says that no one can pull off drag acts better than Rishi Kapoor and Aamir Khan.  “Rishi Kapoor was brilliant in Rafoo Chakkar and Aamir raised the bar in a commercial series where he played a woman. Many-a-time an actor is worried what people will say about it.”  

Ritesh Desmukh in Ek Villain

 Ritesh Desmukh in Ek Villain

The actor knows that people have started type-casting him as an actor for comedies. He hints that he might not be doing the same genre of sex comedies as Grand Masti again. “I think Govinda is the best comedian we have in our generation. I have attempted straight-faced humour with Abhishek Bachchan in Bluffmaster. I enjoyed doing Grand Masti. But I need to offer more as an actor and I won’t do another film with the same kind of script (ike Grand Masti,” says Riteish.

That is the reason, Riteish says he chose a film like Ek Villain (where he will be seen doing a negative character for the first time in his career). The actor admits that he is apprehensive about whether the audience will accept him after Humshakals.
“I am apprehensive if people will accept me in a negative role especially because it is coming immediately after Humshakals. The two roles are a total contrast with each other.  But the response I have got so far is exciting. It’s a battle for me as an actor,” Riteish added. 

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