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Spoilers from Siddharth Malhotra

By Shama Bhagat

Ek-Villian-StillsWe requested Siddharth Malhotra to give a few spoilers about the plot of Ek Villain. Though he admits to having sleepless nights before the release of the film, Siddharth grudgingly agreed.

The actor, who plays a negative character for the first time, says that he is particularly apprehensive about the high-voltage, emotionally charged character that he has portrayed in the film.

“I am nervous but I am upbeat because the reactions that I have got are encouraging. Yes there’s a lot of pressure one to perform well.”

So, here are the spoilers from him a day before the release of Ek Villain.

siddharth_mohit_0_0# There are two different Siddharth Malhotras in the film — one sports long hair and other, a crew cut.

“I had to work on my looks as we wanted the role to look interesting and visually convincing. I came up with the idea of having a scar on my cheek for one of the characters of the film.” 

# The film is in two different time frames.

“The different time frames present two different personas of the same person”

Shraddha-Kapoor-Sidharth-Malhotra-in-Ek-Villain#Siddharth is an orphan and he is upset about the death of his parents. He has tattoos all over of his body to remind him of his parents’ death.

“I have a few tattoos. There is a reason and story behind every tattoo. One tattoo is about reminds me the dates when my parents died. I have on one (tattoo) my neck which is a symbol of death. There is one on my shoulder which is of evil.”

#Both his and Riteish’s characters are villainous.

“There are no heroes or villains in the film. Both me and Ritesh Deshmukh have negative shades. I may be louder and he might be a little muted in the film.” 

#Shraddha is a tough character who falls for Siddharth.

“She is more like her character in Ek Villain, gentle from the outside and tough from inside. You will see a new Shraddha in the film. There were a lot of emotional scenes in the film hence we were not bothered who’s on camera and who’s not. We made everyone cry on the sets.”

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