Divya Bharti: A death untold

Today we zero in on the topic whether Divya Bharti’s death was an accident, suicide or an act of murder.

Conspiracy theories continue to float around her death even after two decades. So was she really pushed out of her balcony?

According to the official documents associated with the case, three people were with her at the time of the incident. They were her dress designer Neeta Lulla, her husband Dr Shyam (a psychiatrist) and her maid Amrita.

Official records also state that her maid was very attached to her because she had been taking care of Divya since her birth. Amrita went into acute depression after the incident and stopped interacting with people. Police records state that Amrita suffered a massive heart attack soon after and succumbed to it. Amrita died within 30 days of Divya Bharti’s demise. This is the reason why Amrita could not be grilled by the police.

Other than them, there were three others who were grilled by the police — her husband Sajid Nadiadwala, her mother Bharti and her brother Kunal. All the three were not with her at the time of the incident.

The government officials who took part in the investigations included Inspector J G Jadhav of Versova Police station (the investigating officer of the case) and the Chief Medical Officer of Cooper Hospital, Dr Tripathy (who signed the death certificate). Other than these people, nobody exactly had any first-hand knowledge of what might have happened to Divya Bharti that night.

We did manage to get some first-hand information about what happened on that fateful night but people spoke to us on conditions of anonymity. Based on the conversations, we will try to recreate the chain of incidents that ultimately snatched Divya Bharti away from all of us.

That dark night

Date: April 5, 1993, Time 9 pm, Place: 5th floor, Tulsi Apartments, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

Just a few hours back, Divya had gone to Neptune Apartments in Bandra West with a broker and finalised a large flat that she wanted to buy. Considering how hard it was to get a good flat in Mumbai, Divya was very happy that day and was constantly describing her ‘nice four-bedroom apartment’ to her brother Kunal, whom she loved dearly. Kunal left for some work soon after.

She had just returned from Chennai after a shoot and on the same night, Divya was supposed to fly out to Hyderabad for another shoot. She wanted to postpone her Hyderabad visit as she had to finalise the apartment. That day, Divya was roaming around with a bandage on her left foot and had informed her producers that she was injured (and hence she won’t be able to report for the shoot). She told everybody she will go to Hyderabad a day later.

She soon got a phone call, which informed her that she needed to meet Neeta Lulla and her husband who were coming down to see her at the Versova flat. It might be pertinent to mention here that this flat didn’t belong to Divya and was registered in somebody else’s name.

Divya was also supposed to go on a long outdoor schedule to Mauritius to shoot for Sajid’s film Andolan. Neeta was supposed to make the costumes for the film and after the schedule, Divya was supposed to move into her new apartment. So, everything was going just as planned and naturally, Divya was very excited that night.

Neeta and Dr Shyam Lulla arrived around 10 pm and all of them sat down in the living room, chatting. The TV was on and Divya had two alcohol bottles on the centre table — one was a Mauritian sugarcane wine and the other was a bottle of Black Label whisky. The whisky bottle had been opened, while the wine bottle was intact.

Her maid Amrita was in the living room and Divya was chatting with her. Amrita soon went into the kitchen to fry munchies to go with the alcohol. She was talking to Divya all the while. Divya then gravitated towards the window while still talking to her maid loudly who was in the kitchen now.

Neeta and her husband were watching ‘something interesting’ on the video player (those days there used to be VHS cassettes to play videos) and hence, were not taking much part in the conversation that was going on between Divya and Amrita.

The final moments

There was no balcony in the living room and it had an open window. Though all other windows in the building had grills, that window was open. There is a car parking slot just below the window but that day there were no cars parked below.

When nobody was looking Divya climbed out of the window and landed on the narrow ledge below it. The ledge was less than 12 inches wide and it was impossible to keep your balance unless you hold on to the window frame.

She landed on the ledge with her back towards the living room. She then tried to turn around to hold the window frame. It was while she tried turning around on the ledge (and extended her hand to hold the window frame) that she slipped.

Divya fell with a loud thud on the concrete below the window. Because she was facing her room (as she was trying climb back up), she landed on her back. The accident occurred in a matter of three minutes.

Everybody heard the thud and came running downstairs to find her in a pool of blood. She was alive on her way to the hospital, but her pulse rate started falling rapidly soon afterwards.

She died at the emergency department of Cooper Hospital. The immediate cause of death was heavy internal bleeding due to the injury at the back of her head. Her skull had several fractures.

Now, the unanswered question in front of the police was: How come she was allowed to get down on the ledge below the window? Interestingly, many of her close friends were not surprised on learning that she had climbed out of the window.

Her close friends later had told the police that Divya Bharti loved doing these stunts. The idea of cheating death gave her a strange kick. There were numerous stories of her trying dangerous stunts at outdoor shooting schedules. She somehow loved the idea of flirting with death.

She was a 19-year-old girl and was going the same problems that a girl of her age would perhaps go through. That included boyfriend problems and the usual rebellious attitude against her parents. But this is for sure that she was not going through any emotional stress that prompted her to end her life.

You can draw your own conclusions now.

So yes, I am debunking all the conspiracy theories and saying that it was just an unfortunate accident.

Before we go, here’s another interview of her parents years after her death where they spoke about her with great difficulty. I found the interview touching.

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  1. Divya ji apke bare me jan kar bhut dukh hua you are superstar in the bolywood yar apke jaisa koi nhi.aj tak koi meri film industry me achi heroine kisi ko nhi manta agar manta hu t wah ap hai divya ji.jis kisi n apke sath aisa kiya h woh kabhi khus nhi rahega bhagwan usko kbhi khus nhi rahega apne jiwan me.ajao yar i miss you yar i love you very much yar.


  2. m khud Divya ka fan hon nd i m from pakistan waqae bht achi actress thin Bollywood ko phr aisa star nai ml skta.


  3. i love u divya mujhe pta h apko mra gya h me apki maut ka badla lugi paka me apka case dubara kholugi jald hi mere ps kuch asi chiz h jis se apko insaf milega


  4. divya Je today9-10-014 I saw your death video . kya jarurat thi alcohol peene ki. kyu mai apne dil ka haal nai bata sakta. bus jaldi se agla janam lo for us

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  5. Dedicated to Divya bharti.

    Zamane bhar mein b dhondo ge to hum sa ho Nahe sakta,

    Hum to sada usey chaheN ge jo apna ho Nahi sakta,

    Bht ujra huwa dil hai magr apna Aqeda hai,

    Jahan mehkain teri yaadeiain woh sehra ho Nhe skta,

    Kisi ki yad abhi tak mere bistr me soti hai,
    Shab_e_tanhai se keh do main tanha ho nhi skta,

    Kuch to apni b khatain thi vabal_e_zindagi me,

    Sbhi kuch to muqadar ka likha ho Nhe skta,

    Judai ho gai ab bhe dono hi jeete hain,

    Kabhi dono hi kehte thay k aisa ho Nhe skta. .
    Writen by zeee..


  6. i m sure ki Divya ka murderd hua hai but Mumbai di Pulice Sali nakami ik case tk solve ni kr pai Divya apki kami bollywood mei kbi bi poori nhi ho skti I MISS U SOO MUCH FOREVER


  7. Divyaji …. I was 18 (1 year younger than you) when your death happened… I was a big fan of you back then … I still wonder how and why it happened. .. your film shola aur Shabnam is my favorite. . Probably watched it 50 times…


  8. This is not a suicide this is a murder… whn she cilmed on the window nobody cn see tht how? And even her maid was present tht day with her in room.. I cnt believe its a accidents no its a murder maybe this murdered for jealousy… but I 21 years old and divya also died 21 years before.. but I dnt like any actress.. I show her picture whn I was 4 years old and listened about her and also died story form tht time she is my favourite actress … and yes she was very talented more than all actress in bollybood film industry….


  9. Yes, maybe This is not a suicide this is a murder, when she died she was only 19 years old, cant imagine how she go that far film career with her age. she has got marvellous energy with her body and her mind, she was strong enough to face life trouble. that point bring me to thought she never committed to suicide, 50/50 accident or murder. how ever we lost her. thats terrible shock to her loves people, wish you will be heaven Divya………miss you……..


  10. Divya mai apka bhot bda fan hu .or rahunga. Mujhe apki. Film. Shola or shabnam bhot achi lagi or Maine us. Movie. Kam se kam 50 br dekha. .. Divya jaisa na tha or name kbhi hoga … Bus ap jaldi se dusra janam lekr a jao or apko jisne Mara hai use akr … Maro ….. I love so. Much …


  11. I ma big fan nd lover also of yours.
    I know nd believe it was just murder surely.not accdnt…..
    Humse dur jaoge kaise,
    Dilse hume bhulaoge kaise,
    Hum wo khusboo hain jo saansome baste hain,
    khudki sansoko rok paoge kaise!!!!!
    This is for u divya…. love u a lot….
    Aap jahavi hai har waqt khush rahe…..!!!!!


  12. hi divia ji me jany or me ap ki bohot bara fan hu ALLAH Apko jannat naseeb kare bus yehi dua karti hu.divia ji ap kea the dunia k lia shayed ap v yea na jano par mera dil kehta ha apne suicide nhi ki thi apko mar dea gaya q k ap k career k success se dusre logoko prblm horahi thi shayed, divia ji apto bohot pehle gujar gaye jab me sirf do sal ki thi par jabse hosh samhala sirf aphi asse lage mujhe me ap k jsa banna chahti thi par ap to ekhi the or ekhi rahoge to ap jsa kse koi bansakta ha i love u soooooo much divia or i misssddddd u sooooo much,mere yea dil se request ha ap k gharwalo se k wo ap k case dobara reopen karwai or ap k khuni ko saja dilwai specially ap pyeare sote vai kunal se pllllllllzzz sir ap kuch to karo,divia ji ap sunder k ek misal ho or ap fairy tell ka wo cute sa fairy u r tha most beauti ful lady i evr seen in my life,ummmmah misssd u all tha time.


  13. दिवया जी हीरोइन जैसी कोई हीरोइन नही है मै चहूॅगा कि दिवया जी फिर से जनम ले


  14. मै चैनल और अखबार बालो से गुजारिश करती हुं की कम से कम 20 दिन फिर से यह खबर दिखाएं आई लव दिवया जी


  15. divya g aaj bi sbi heroin ko dektaa ho too aaj tum yaad aati ho I miss you dviya . bagwan aapko ek aur baar apne ruoop me be de pls God request


  16. I love you divya ji mujhe nahi lagta ki Aap ne suicide kiya hoga jisne bhi aap ke shath aysa kiya hoga uske jahnum me bhi jagah nahi milegi …
    mujhe nahi lagta jisne aap ke shath aisa kiya hoga wah Enshan hoga….
    wah kabhi bhi apne jivan me khush hoga saath hi uske ghar vale …..
    I miss you aapke jaisa koi actress nahi aaya please come back ………..
    please come back …


  17. Hello to soumya and all readers ……….as I am the fan of divya bharti was and will be her fan few years back I.e five years back I done a great research on legendary divvv bharti I also got a much of emotions on her deadliest life …..I am sure that she is muderddd. ..god is watching


  18. Aarohi Ingle. says :

    aap ko bagvan dobara janm de aap hamari duniya me aaye . aap ko bagavan lamby yumar de
    me bagavan se duva karugi aap hamesha hasti , aora hamare dil pe raj kare.
    aap ki fan


  19. The store behind Divya Bharti’s death was not incidental or accidental. I think it was an plan by someone and it’s related to two other member(lulla couple). There were lot of reason behind her death which is given below by point wise.

    1. Is she taking alcohol before death day ?
    2. Why Divya’s servant death after one month of demise?
    3. Were lulla couple watching some video from VHS?
    4. If lulla couple were watching some video then why divya not watching those videos ?
    5. If someone came to your home then was it possible to divya was doing a different things ?
    6. Why lulla couple was there at that time?
    7. No one car was parked on the divya fallen postion.
    8. Windows are not covered with grill. And all other building member windows are covered with grill.
    9. And last thing, was sajid depressed from divya’s success.

    Sorry, But all question is arrising on my mind.

    Please some one send these all question to someone who can find out from this problems.


  20. muja b ya lagta hai ki Divya g ka murder huva maine jab pehla bar film dekhi muja laga ki mai is actress ki aj ki picture dekhuga but jab nat pai dekha vo is dunya mai nhi hai bohat dukh huva aur jab deyan dai is case ko pada to laga ki bilding ko grill thi to vo kasai girgai nat ya b likha tha ki selip hogai sucide but this is not sucide this is murder kyu k fother b aur mother b thi ghar mai to sucide kasai kasai kasai log hai dunya mai mumbai police khali pasai khata hai salai mai hota na to S.S.P to dekhata mai onlogoko mai kya karu kash reopen case hota.


  21. I am KALYAN.I think it is a murder.The inspector and the doctor take a lot of money from the murder.


  22. Divya jee aap jaha bhi hai waha aapko bhagwan khus rakhe.divya jee aapka bahud bada fan hu.aapki dard bhari murder ki kahani net par dekhne par mere dil ko bahut bada jhatka laga.mera dil kahta hai ki aap sucied nahi kar sakte hai.jisne bhi aapko mara hai use nark me bhi jagah nahi milegi..aapki kamyabi dusro se dekhi nahi gayi…aur mumbai police ka jo report tha jo net par diya hua hai ki aap nashe me thi lekin mai ye sochta hu ki agar aap nasha karti thi to aap sadi se pahle to nahi nasha karti thi.kya majburi jo aapko sadi ke bad nasha karna pada.mujhe lagta hai ki ye sab sajish ke taht hua aur aapko mar diya gaya…waise to aapki jab death hui to mai sirf 1 year ka tha…magar aap mere dil me ho aur dil me hamesha rahenge…aap jaisa koi nahi hoga..


  23. Divya jee aap jaha bhi hai waha aapko bhagwan khus rakhe.divya jee aapka bahud bada fan hu.aapki dard bhari murder ki kahani net par dekhne par mere dil ko bahut bada jhatka laga.mera dil kahta hai ki aap sucied nahi kar sakte hai.jisne bhi aapko mara hai use nark me bhi jagah nahi milegi..aapki kamyabi dusro se dekhi nahi gayi…aur mumbai police ka jo report tha jo net par diya hua hai ki aap nashe me thi lekin mai ye sochta hu ki agar aap nasha karti thi to aap sadi se pahle to nahi nasha karti thi.kya majburi jo aapko sadi ke bad nasha karna pada.mujhe lagta hai ki ye sab sajish ke taht hua aur aapko mar diya gaya…waise to aapki jab death hui to mai sirf 1 year ka tha…magar aap mere dil me ho aur dil me hamesha rahenge…aap jaisa koi nahi hoga..


  24. Its a plan murdered unki khud khushi krne ki koi wja he ni bnti k wo khud khushi krti
    1 sbse bri bat k srf divya k appartment ma grill ni thy bki sb buiding ma thy
    2 ri bat k unki maid ki unki death k 30 din bd death hna
    3sri bat k agr ghr pr mahman ay thy to wo bjai unke sth baithne ya unse bt krne ki bjai wo window ki trf akele chli gai mahmano ko akela chr kr mjh to lgta unki maid ne unhen dhaka dya kse k khne p bd ma maid ko bi rste se saf kr dya gya
    4thi bat agr wo video dkh rhe thy to divya ne unke sth baith k video ku ni dkha 5
    5nchvi bat divya ko alchol dya gya insist kr k ya usne khud lya agr khud lya to kya phly wo alcohol leti thy
    6ti bat parking ma 1 bi gari ni thy akhr kse 11 bj rhe thy
    7vi bat k divya ko apprtment se girte kse ne bi ni dkha akhr kse ku
    8vi bat kya unko kse bi chz ka depression tha i dont think so
    9vi bat wo window pr baithi wobi bhr ki trf face kr ke
    10v bat unke left foot pr chot lgi thy isly unho ne shoting cncl ki thy to phr wo zakhmi halt ma window pr kse charh gai thn how she climbed in injury
    Its pure a planned murdered Đîvýâ Î Mîî§§Đ Û §oooo Mûch
    11 v bat kya lulla waqai koi video dekh rhe thy

    This points can noticed plzz


  25. Aapke baare me suna aur bahut bura laga agar jisne bhi aisa kya h wo kuttey ki maut marega aur jisne bhi kya h bahaut bura kya aap itni famous ho gyi thi isiliye aisa kya I miss u vvvvvvvvvery muchhh.


  26. Me apne life dukhi rheta hu to isliye kyonki mem divya bharti ni h aaj hamlogo ke bich , maine aaj tak aise heroine ni dekhi jo cute h , gorgeous h and sabsi bari baat to ye h ki unki masumiyat jo kisi ki ni h, unka andaaz , hass ke bolna , thora sarmana aur bhi bahut kuch ! Me to aaj bhi unhe yad karta hu and unka gana (saat samundar) fantastic h , aaj bhi gana aisa h jo kisi nacha de ! I Always remember her for fantastic role and I am Biggest fan of men Divya bharti !


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