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The last two days have been really excruciating for me.

I have received a communication from Mr Salman Khan. There I have been instructed to remove two blog posts that I have written about him.

Those articles have been removed from this blog.

Here’s a public apology to Mr Salman Khan for writing two blog posts that he didn’t consider appropriate.

I am taking a break from writing on this blog till I am in a proper frame of mind to write again.

I am really sorry.

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  1. This too shall pass. Keep writing. I understand you must be under a lot of pressure.

    In a short time, your fresh and honest take on the industry has garnered you many readers. Know that many of us respect and support you and are sending positive wishes your way. Take care.


  2. Maybe you shouldn’t write things that are not entirely true and with an extreme bias. And perhaps you should re-read what exactly you were accusing him of.


  3. If Salman Khan can make a well connected journalist take down articles, we can only imagine how much the poor, friendless cop was harassed.


  4. You has to agree that in the last article you were sellective in a negative way. You excused Mr.Patil ( a well trained man ) conscious abscond from justice and work,telling that it was because he was just human…was expected…and the court should understand. And keeping away the rest of the story, you gave an idea that Mr. Salman Khan, because he is working and gaining some amount in those days is culpable for that…
    You knew what would be the reaction for the post, not a surprise…
    But is to appreciate your decision, it shows that you are conscious. Really hope that one day you acquire your dream job,to become a bollywood journalist. Keep trying.


  5. If he got to you the way he got to Ravindra Patil… it’ll be a crying shame. Take care of yourself. We’ve already read every word of your report. Salman and his sycophants are wasting their time and money.
    Plus your well worded apology only shows what a crazed man he is. His entire family (all losers and hangers on) needs the money he brings in.


  6. I must say, this is one of the most candid blogs on BW which I have come across..i m a BW junkie and love reading abt it! spent all my evening yesterday going thru ur blogs …they r really good!


  7. I’m sorry you had to go through a pressure akin to what Mr. Patil faced. Clearly (and probably smartly), you have chosen to back out at this stage.

    Hopefully, people can stop idolizing scum like him.


  8. Shame on you for giving into pressure from Salman Khan…whatever happened to being human Mr Khan !?
    Now we know that you def have “links”….


  9. oh dear – dADA, that was one of the most shared blogposts – even my friends and colleagues who dont watch cinema were horrified, and even those who thought Salman Khan was God were shocked.

    But we definitely dont want you and others to also suffer the same fate as that poor driver…

    Easier to write about the vamps and molls (as long as their mafia boyfriends dont come to haunt you and remove them blogposts too!!!).

    Please please Find out where Lakshmi Chhaya, Jaya Malini, Shakeela, Leena Das, Prema Narayan etc are hiding,) Our minds wont know any peace till you share this with us. PLLLLEEEEEEASE!!!


  10. Friend,

    I know it’s very hard( to the extent that words may not capture it well) but let’s not do dis-service to Patil’s martyrdom by giving up. This kind of bending back attitude is what’s pushing our nation into club of failed nations such as our neighbors. Fight back, seek support, connect with me and other bloggers privately. We can fight these goons together.


    • absolutely correct… dnt give up .. this is what he do in the name of being human.. how inhuman he is..he very well suits in our neighbouring country .. m with u .


  11. I haven’t had the opportunity to read your blog, but if Salman Khan didn’t like your blog, then he should have commented about it in his blog(does he have one?) or sued you.

    What does he have on you that is so damaging for you to remove your posts?


  12. You really don’t need to be sorry. He is a villain in real life. You showed us the real face of him. So, you are a real hero for the country. Be proud that you at least tried to serve the country by showing the truth. I would subscribe to your blog with the hope that you will keep showing us the true stories which the paid media can’t. -Satyamev Jayate


  13. wish to see you back soon. look at the bright side of it. i discovered a gem of a blog. would not have found this blog if salluu did not threaten you. moreover your effort did not go in vain. the article is with millions now and will spread like wildfire.

    come back soon. you have gained at least one reader now.


  14. Hey! Hold your chin up and be brave. Hope you are doing well, and will be back to writing soon! It’s sad you had to delete your post, but don’t stress! You have your well-wishers, who may or may not be of help right now. I was fighting some personal battles a while ago, I found this helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LVQ8rTNQks It’s Om Vakratundaya Hum chants (youtube it, if you don’t click on links from strangers). I don’t know your religion, but I assumed a Hindu faith because of your name. And no, I am not propagating my beliefs.. I was just sharing something I found helpful. I hope it reaches you, and I really hope you are well.


  15. They are celebrity because of us we have made them famous and when one of us try to expose them then they try to show their power of money.No one should force or threat for writing. I wish Salman Khan should be put into BARS ASAP. SC court have taken enough time to give a judgement.Same could have taken for Sanjay Dutt also.We are With you Soumya Dipta No need to take a break from Writing.


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