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An example of a bad example

Jiah and SurajEverybody saw Suraj Pancholi break down on national television and weep inconsolably as Jiah Khan’s body was being laid to rest at the Santacruz graveyard in Mumbai. Suraj confessed to his friends that soon after he started dating Jiah Khan, he realised that he had chosen the wrong girl as she was prone to extreme mood swings. Here is a picture of Jiah Khan and Suraj (left).

But there was one factor that prevented Suraj from severing ties with Jiah even though the pressure of a tumultuous relationship was weighing down heavily on him. Eight months back, when Jiah slashed her left wrist and got admitted to a suburban hospital in Mumbai, it was by sheer stroke of luck that Suraj was spared the horror of a public trial by the media as the word of suicide attempt never got out.

After Jiah got better, Suraj drifted away from her but continued to visit as her good friend because he didn’t want her to harm herself. Perhaps Jiah understood one thing that if she attempted to do anything extreme, Suraj will come back to her.

In fact, even though Suraj had been dating another girl on the sly, he didn’t break the news to Jiah and hoped that one day she would drift away from him. But the more her Bollywood ambitions got thwarted, the more Jiah clung on to Suraj and refused to let him go.

So, here is a boy not in love with his girl, but is too scared to break off the relationship. The moment she threatened to do something drastic, he would come back to her with a bouquet of flowers. Was he scared because he was making his Bollywood debut? Not exactly, because he drifted away from her nearly a year ago when there was no word about his debut. So what might be the reason?

Talking to a source in the police department, it becomes clear that Suraj was scared. Very, very scared. He was scared that what had happened to his father would happen to him. There was a kind of inherent fear that always haunted him about turning into media’s favourite bad boy. All his life he had watched his father endure media bashing one after another which is never easy on any child.

Fortunately for him, the media behaved responsibly after Jiah’s death and even though everybody reported about the police interrogation nobody even remotely blamed him for the death. The police too in the end gave him a clean chit and Suraj could grieve in private than worry about the food in Mumbai jails.

Here is the video clip of Suraj grieving at the funeral, the article continues after the video

So, what had happened to Suraj’s father that made this boy so conscious? Well, if we talk about why Aditya Pancholi became the bad boy of the media, the reasons are numerous. Time and again, Aditya had been involved in numerous brawls — some while he was drunk and most while he was sober. There are so many brawls and fights that it will take me a week just to list them out.

Here is a news report of one such  that (again!) landed him at a police station. The article continues after the video clip

But here we can talk about a strange connection that binds the father and the son — getting attracted to women who spell trouble.

Here we will talk about two of Aditya Pancholi’s infamous brush with the law as the women he was with went up against him. Both of them filed police complaints against him and subsequently spoke out against him in the media.

His first brush with the law was when he was dating Pooja Bedi (while being married to Zarina Wahab). Here’s the story that I haven’t been able to forget.

But before that here’s Aditya’s reel life avatar as a villain in Bodyguard. Somehow his reel life and real life got mixed up, the article continues after this movie clip

When Aditya turned bai-sexual

This was perhaps the worst scandal that made headlines during the late 1980s. Aditya was unhappily married to Zarina and was looking for a woman to cheat on. It was the exact time when a free-thinking Pooja Bedi walked into his life. She found Aditya so passionate and possessive (that was apparently a turn-on) that she didn’t care about the fact that Aditya was married with a son and a daughter.

There is a strange way that Pancholi communicated to the media about his love affairs. He would start taking the woman to parties and when you see the woman with him too often, and then you could safely say that the woman he’s often seen accompanying is the one he is dating.

Now, that was the time when he was being seen with Pooja Bedi too often. Soon, the media found out that Aditya had shifted into Pooja’s house and were living in. Well, back in those days the affairs in Bollywood used to be quite brazen and the media soon brushed it off as an extra-marital affair where ‘the couple had no shame’ till this incident happened.

There was this 15-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh who had run away from her home to become a Bollywood actor and saw her starry dreams come crashing down. As an alternative, she took up the job of a maid at one of the stars’ houses, Pooja Bedi. She hoped someday God would smile at her and let her bag a Bollywood role.

This maid found a very ‘sympathetic’ person in Aditya Pancholi who started talking to her and listening to her woes. All of it happened, when Pooja was not at home. The interaction would soon lead to a sexual encounter one afternoon.

As is the case with most women, they immediately can sense when something is amiss in her man. It was Pooja, who asked the maid if Sahab did something to her and out came the reply that she had slept with Sahab as he had promised to get her a Bollywood role.

Now, in those days everybody termed him as a rapist but actually it was consensual sex as Pooja clarified to the media later on. However, according to the law it was still considered rape as it involved a minor; the consent of a 15-year-old is not admissible in the eyes of the Indian law.

After the maid confessed to her, she confronted Aditya and he admitted that he had sex with her on the pretext of getting her a role in the movies.

May be that was Aditya’s first experience to play sugar daddy, but it made headlines as there was a charge of rape heaped against him by the police.

Pooja soon dumped Aditya and moved on in life terming it as the darkest days of her life. Even now she talks about her former boyfriend sleeping with her maid with utter disbelief and disgust.

If you feel that Aditya made peace with himself after this incident, you are wrong. The streak of playing sugar-daddy finally turned into a reality and generated a much bigger and juicier controversy in the years to come.

But that story is the subject of my next blog post, which also includes his wife Zarina Wahab and what she did when this muck threatened to hit the ceiling.

Till then, watch this video… of Aditya’s latest brawl where he pushed and abused the media at Jiah Khan’s funeral. This is an unedited version not shown on any channel. 

The next and concluding part of the post will be put up on  Monday. Here is another article about the unknown details of the relationship between Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan. Click on this link ->

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