We love the audacity of ‘Happy New Year’

farah khanIts got the “chutzpah” (outrageous courage), that the tight-scripted, brilliantly enacted (Tabu – can we see more of you please?) Haider spoke about. It entertains — like Spiderman. It indulges the lead like Hancock — and is as credible as Charlies Angels.

But there’s never a dull moment.

In Farah Khan, we finally have a woman director who takes only her work seriously. (much like  Zoya Akhtar) Not herself. Her sense of humour carries the film on her “hit-machine” shoulders. She couldn’t care less, except that she cares so much about “entertaining her audiences.”

The closing credits have a woman’s sensibility — a fantastic sense of familyhood. She ends with the line “are my children dancing outside?”

Yes they are Farah, and with inspiration like yours, not just your children, but so many women will be dancing for a really long time.

People around me, walked out of the theatre with that “world is my oyster” feeling- a sense of being inspired to do more than they thought they could. Something that invariably happens in Raju Hirani’s films — an indescribable sense of empowerment — and positivity.

Happy New Year Farah Khan!

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