… Because we customize content for you!


Bollywood Journalist is an exclusive, boutique news wire service. We tailor-make content for you. Your content will not be the same as that on everyone else’s website.

  1. Wire services offer you news, we offer you exclusives

The wire services that are currently available in India are for mass distribution. Anybody who subscribes to them, receives their news updates. So, the inputs that you receive from the news wires are available with all their subscribers, even your competitors. 

2. If you are a website. We help improve your page-ranks automatically

Google ranks pages higher which has exclusive content. Since news from wires go out to every website, most webpages lose their rank even though they are publishing news faster than their competitors.

3. If you are not based in Mumbai, and don’t want to invest in an office, appoint us to cover entertainment for you.

Bollywood Journalist is the answer to your editorial needs because you won’t find our content on news wire, social media or any other website. Your editorial content is thus immune from social media and online media outlets, if you subscribe to us.

4. We offer you all kinds of content 

  • Be it audio, text, raw video footage, edited video footage, photo, vintage photo, celebrity columns, compilations, …. we provide every kind of exclusive content to our subscribers. If you have a content need, we have the answer for you.
  • If you want a customised coverage for your event or any event in India, our team of journalists can do it for you.

5. Our journalists and content creators are trained and experienced

Our journalists, editors and content creators have more than 10 years of relevant industry experience. So, we create content that is in tune with the best industry standards. Our exclusives are exclusives in the true sense of the term. We deliver content along with headlines, captions and complete edited copies. This means all you need to do is just push our content on your media. It’s ready-to-use and of the highest quality.

If you wish to avail of our services, just drop an e-mail to