The Price List: The cost of hiring us

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We receive emails everyday asking us about our price. Most of my prospective clients want to know what will be the monetary cost of our content.

First of all, our charges vary from content to content depending on various factors. They are.


  1. Exclusivity of content: If we have an interview or news or feature that nobody else has. Then we charge more.
  2. Nature of content: If we have something that is potentially viral, then we charge more than usual.
  3. Effort: If getting the content requires a lot of effort, then we charge more than usual.
  4. The author: If the person authoring the content is already a name and has a large social media following or verified accounts, we charge more.
  5. Bulk orders: If we don’t work with you off and on and you are a regular vendor with us, we charge a lot lesser than usual.

We negotiate with all our bulk clients to arrive at a price point that is suitable to all. Most of our bulk clients get content from us at a price which is less than half at our usual rack cost.


Bulk Clients are our esteemed customers who buy more than 15 pieces of content in a month and/or the billing typically exceeds Rs 30,000 (thirty thousand) per month.

Rack rates for one-time clients

Since we have faced lots of issues about payments from one-time clients, we have decided that content will be supplied only after 50% of the agreed cost has been transferred to our accounts. Once the advance has been made, we expect a payment within 14 days of the content reaching our client. Further content orders are not taken unless the last payment is made in full.

Money back guarantee

We refund the full money if any client doesn’t like our content after it has been supplied to them. However, the content must not be used anywhere by the client. If you publish our exclusive content anywhere (including social media), then you have used our content and you will have to make a full payment to us. The content cannot be ‘returned’ to us once you have used it.


Here’s the price list for our non-regular clients  

(a) Exclusive content:

  1. Interviews: Rs 7,000 (seven thousand) per interview of 700 words.
  2. Photos: Rs 1000 (one thousand) to Rs 10,000 per photo depending on who has shot the photo and how exclusive it is. 
  3. Slide-shows: Rs 5000 (five thousand) for a slide-show of 10 slides.
  4. Blogs: Rs 5000 (five thousand) to Rs 10,000 (ten thousand) depending on who is authoring the blog.
  5. News articles/articles: Rs 5000 (five thousand) irrespective of the word count. 
  6. Website/press release/any other kind of writing assignment: Negotiable
  7. Social media updates and social media marketing: Negotiable

(b) Non-exclusive content: 

  1. Interview (reworked and rewritten): Rs 1000
  2. Photos (PR Photos): Free (to be bundled with existing content)  
  3. Reproduction costs: Rs 500 (five hundred) per content along with proper credit and back links

Just to let you know, we are one of the cheapest in the market considering the senior journalist who work with us. We produce better content that the newbie that you will hire full-time to meet your content needs. We don’t take holidays and we don’t report in sick. We work 24X7.


Hiring us is cheaper. Outsourcing your content needs to us is convenient and makes better business sense.

For all your content requirements, please mail us at