There are still some good people left in this world

PV SaarYou have seen his photographs on Facebook and might have ‘liked’ it too.

His name is PV Saar, he is 77 years old.

The US-based company he used to work with, shut shop and laid him off, decades back. 

He spent his life’s savings on his only son’s education but lost him in a freak accident.

He used up the funds of his pension account to marry off his three daughters.

He and his wife struggled to make ends meet till he decided to stand up and take life head on. All over again.

He wobbly spinal chord wouldn’t let him stand but that didn’t deter him from standing for hours on a corner of Delhi’s Connaught Place and sell these puppets.

His picture and story on Facebook generated thousands of ‘likes’ but nobody stepped forward to help.

One day, everything changed, when a guy called Varun Pruthi walked upto him.

Here is what happened next.

He called on his friends to donate some money for this man who inspired millions like us to not give up on life too easily.

Well, it worked!

Here is what happened after Varun walked upto him again with a cheque in hand. The man could’t hold back his tears.

Did we move you to tears? I am happy we did.

God bless you Varun and God bless all of you who don’t sit there ‘liking’ posts but get up, get out there and make a change.

Let us know whether you liked the post or not

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