Guest Blogger: Madhur Prabhakar

Madhur Prabhakar

Madhur Prabhakar

Madhur has designed, developed and ran new businesses for leading MNC’s in multiple Industries and sectors. His forte is developing and executing business transformation and market-entry strategies; but writing is something that has always been consistent throughout his adult life.

“Like every good or bad writer, I have a lot of unfinished books to my credit. I have written two fictions which are under publication (Well it’s a lie; I am still looking for a publisher)

I have studied and worked both in India and abroad. After finishing my MBA and working in the Indian banking sector for some time, I moved to UK. There I studied further and worked for few years before coming back to India. Presently I am working as a Business Head with a successful startup.

I have been exposed to many cultures and some very interesting people. In my stories, lot of my characters and their traits are inspired by my real life experiences. I feel that’s the only way I can put soul into my stories. My writing style, many believe is very casual. To be honest, it’s intentional. I can’t write something that I can’t relate to.

Both my professional and personal journey has inspired my writing. And writing is something that I intend to do throughout my life.

To make myself look a little more interesting, let me tell you that I am a sports enthusiast who enjoys long distance running and I am also an avid golfer.”