Statement of Stardust editor regarding Aamir Khan and Jessica Hines controversy

STARDUST COVER September 2005

The then editor of Stardust Sonali Jaffer, released the following statement, after Jessica Hines accused the magazine’s journalists of intruding into her privacy.

Sonali said in a statement, “We are very certain about the authenticity of this. If he wants, he can ask for the DNA test. We were very confident about what we were covering. There was no point in getting into fake denials. But when we thought wounds were healed and the time was right, we published the pictures. As you see, she is not very remorseful, she is not vindictive or anything towards Aamir Khan. I think she was accepting about it and his stance. Everything should be directed to Aamir Khan from now onwards. We have said what we have to through articles and know he should go ahead and clear this stance. Why should we justify what we have written? It is upto him to justify. If he has to deny, let him deny.

The article was carried on leading websites too and it is sill quoted frequently on leading sites even now.

Till date, Aamir Khan has never issued any rebuttal to the statement that was issued in 2005.

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