Aamir’s statement on his dad

INDIA-ARTS-ENTERTAINMENTStatement from Aamir Khan’s family regarding his father, Tahir Hussain

The statement has been used in context of an article titled AAMIR KHAN’S TROUBLED RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS DAD

Statement issued on November 2, 2007

As a family, we have always believed in maintaining our silence and dignity, choosing not to react to the many absurd allegations that are frequently hurled at our loved one, Aamir. But this time we feel the need to express our utter shock, disgust and contempt at the public statements of Tahir Husain and Faisal Khan.

It is deeply distressing and saddening to see the depths to which Aamir’s father and brother have sunk, with the express intention of causing Aamir hurt. Their offensive allegations, malicious lies and pathetic behaviour are truly shameful. Their behaviour is all the more appalling given that Aamir has supported both his father and brother in every way possible for the last 15 years, and has on numerous occasions bailed them out of their various crises. Unfortunately, Aamir’s goodness has only earned him their envy and hatred.

Aamir has been the pillar of strength of our family, supporting and protecting us, and always doing the best by us. He is a person of extraordinary gifts, of the highest moral integrity and honesty, and someone who has always put his family before himself. He has our deepest respect and all our love, and we support him and stand by him in whatever he does. We are proud of him for his courage and his dignity, which he continues to maintain despite all of this.

We strongly condemn the comments and allegations made by Tahir Husain and Faisal Khan against Aamir and our family. Faisal is unwell and is in need of urgent medical attention. Aamir’s attempt to take custody of Faisal was so that he could help him and take care of him. However, seeing that all Aamir’s efforts have been met with such hostility, we think it’s all for the best that Tahir Husain has been given custody of Faisal Khan. He should now take complete responsibility for Faisal’s care and actions.


Zeenat T Husain

Reena Datta

Nikhat Khan Hegde

Santosh Hegde

Shravan Hegde

Farhat Khan Datta

Rajeev Datta

Mansoor Khan

Lisa Fonseca

Nuzhat Khan

Imran Khan

Imtiaz Ahmed

Ashok Thakur

Seema Ahmed

Afzal Ahmed

Tabassum Ahmed

Sabina Ahmed

Zubair Hamid

Sania Hamid

C N S Rao

Uma S Rao

Kiran Rao

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