Deepika Padukone’s Raabta song is out. While the whole world appreciated her in the song, Buzzfeed.com decided to have their own take on it.

They wrote AN ARTICLE titled….

The article is shocking to say the least.

It demeaned Deepika Padukone, slut-shamed her, threw in a lot of sanskari Indian aunty-like statements and insisted that the talented and much appreciated actress is wasting herself with item songs such as these.

Every point in that article smacks of arrogance and a condescending attitude that’s irritating to say the least.

So, typical to the Buzzfeed (India) style of writing, here are seven reasons why Rega Jha (its editor-in-chief and the author of this article) should say sorry to Deepika Padukone.

1. For passing judgement REPEATEDLY about her dress that she has chosen to wear at her workplace.

2. For demeaning her again and AGAIN. For passing judgement about her professional work. (FYI, Deepika changed two flights and flew for 22 hours to shoot for this song. She shot it for free because she was doing it for her friend. Of course, you don’t expect Rega Jha to know this)



3. For DIRECTLY saying that she is getting free money and not earning it. They clearly don’t have any idea about the hard work one has to put in for shooting a song like that one. According to Rega Jha, Deepika gets paid only for swaying and attracting male gaze

4. We have no words to describe this piece of human waste. They also decided to make a GIF out of that! The writers seem obsessed with and only looking at Deepika’s crotch.

They also put in a GIF (the file was saved as ‘I Love Money’) to illustrate their point. Check it out here.

5. This is exactly what feminists across the country have been fighting against. Remember, this piece of crap is written by a woman, not a man. Two women, in fact.

6. These three points don’t imply but DIRECTLY say that Deepika is engaging in a sexual act with her colleagues, when she was just actually shooting for a song. SAD! They imply here that shooting raunchy numbers is akin to “getting to the third base”. This is coming from somebody no less than an editor-in-chief.

7. This is their final conclusion about Deepika Padukone and her choice of profession. I am sure the writers of this article are in a wrong profession.

We are so tired of this thay we decided to stop here.

However the writer of this didn’t shut up.

When everybody started opposing what Buzzfeed has written, the editor-in-chief had THIS response…

After engaging in a few Twitter conversations, Rega Jha FINALLY admitted that she has made a ‘few’ mistakes while writing that article.

Finally, as a parting gift, Rega Jha offered THIS to every Deepika Padukone fan, who are protesting against the grotesque article.

Just to rejig your memory, a reputed media house too had a similar response on Twitter when they focussed on Deepika’s cleavage and Deepika protested.

It’s like, “Cummon babe, we have written complimentary crap as well. So why are you howling?”

Dear Rega Jha, we get your point.

This is probably what you thought Deepika would do after reading your article…

But this is what happened in the end.

However, we have no intention to waste our time to make a GIF like the way you did in this atrocious Buzzfeed ‘article’ or whatever it is.

By the way, on a different note, kindly tell us how’s the site doing in terms of page-views lately?

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  1. Such cheap comments for a lady like Deepika are coming from another ‘female’ (this is a term I dislike using , I always prefer the word lady… But here, calling REGA JHA a lady would require superhuman restraint on my part. So do forgive me) and a celebrated feminist at that, what kind of a mind does she possess??!! Shame on you Rega Jha


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