One-on-one with Rahul Roy – “I am divorced”

Rahul Roy who made his last appearance in Ada – A Way of Life in 2010 disappeared from Bollywood after that. We suddenly came across this actor and decided to do a one-on-one with him.

Where did you disappear all these years.

I was in Australia for almost eight years but I have now returned  to Mumbai and am looking forward to new beginnings in life.  I was living with my former wife there and I had a permanent residency. I have now gotten divorced.

What were you doing there?

I do a lot of yoga and meditation and am into spirituality. That kept me sailing through all the tough times.

What made you part ways?

I  parted ways as things did not work out for us. I tried my best.  I believe in love and institution of marriage. I feel that you should give it your all. It works for some people and doesn’t for some.  Maybe I  was not lucky the first time but I am not bitter towards it.

Are you seeing anybody now?

I cannot reveal anything now. I will talk about it at the right time.

Any regrets that you gave it all up?

Perhaps ten years ago I would have used the term regret. You  never allow the word to come into your life.

You were young when you did Aashiqui. Did the sudden rise to fame take you by surprise?

It took me by surprise. I came from a reasonably affluent family. My father was in business and mother was in UNICEF for 35 years.  I was travelling overseas from the age of 12. I studied abroad. I never watched Hindi films.  I was born in Mumbai. My brother and I went to Scotland. I came back to Delhi and did my B.Com. I was very well travelled. I just grabbed the moments. I was so busy.

There were times when you signed a dozen films?

In those days  numbers were the perspective. I had signed 44 films in those days. They used to just narrate the story in a line. There were no bound scripts.  A notable hero was asked and notable music director was taken. I was in the hands of certain directors and producers. If I had asked the bound script they would have looked at me strangely. They  would say you do your work. In that kind of situation. We didn’t have the principle of signing one  film. We had 20 to 30 films on floor. With advent of Govinda we both had so many films that IMPAA put a ban on not more than 12 films. I had in 11 days signed 49 films and at one stage had 22 films on floor. I was shooting  22 hours a day seven days a week and I did that for six years.

Then you took up Big Boss?

Big Boss gave me a boost that people still want me.  Hopefully things are better now.

What were the lessons you learnt during that phase?

Don’t always  put your career or life  into the hands of people believing that they can do something. You have to take wise and well informed  decisions, be on the alert.  When it comes to films you have to see if the director capable of  complete it. Will the banner be able to release the film.

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