Why Katrina Kaif is every woman’s bikini body goal

Katrina Kaif is rocking it on social media with her holiday and bikini pictures. Add to that her movie scenes wearing a bikini and we are ready to get killed. Here is why Katrina Kaif is every woman’s dream body.

She has the perfect figure for donning a bikini : Just look at her pictures and you are bound to drool.

She has worked so hard : Hope you know that getting that body and maintaining it requires a lot of hard workout.

She eats yet she keeps it: Trust us Katrina Kaif eats a lot. But it is her super body that burns everything. That too requires a lot of hard work, my friend.

There is style, man : Whatever she wears proves that she has a wonderful sense of style.

She gets to the best beaches : What is point of having such a gorgeous bikini body if you cannot flaunt it. Here also Kat comes out on top because she is holidaying on the best beaches of the world.

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