Fitness mantras from Bollywood celebrities

We learn several things when we get to know the workout regimes and routines of celebrities in Bollywood. Here is what we learn and the goals we get after looking at our Bollywood heroes.

Akshay Kumar : You don’t need artificial diet supplements for a good body. You get an all natural fit body just by disciplining yourself.

Aamir Khan : When you have a will, there is always a way. If you have a strong will then you can drop and pick up kilos at will.

Salman Khan : No matter how busy you are, you should always have time for exercising.

Hrithik Roshan : Fitness is not a state of body but a state of mind. He doesn’t miss his gym days even once. As he puts it, “You either have a good body or you don’t.”

Shah Rukh Khan : You can always maintain a lean body and yet remain attractive. Fitness doesn’t always mean muscles.

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