Why Kareena Kapoor is an example for all pregnant women

Kareena Kapoor is definitely a mommy goal. Actually anybody who’s willing to learn a thing or two about pregnancy should follow the example of Kareena Kapoor. Here are five more reasons.

She just looks plain gorgeous : Can we just drool on her mommy avatar please? Don’t blame us please, we haven’t seen such a pretty mommy for a long time.

She was everywhere with her baby bump : Kareena hardly missed a party even though she was in the advanced stages of pregnancy. We should all enjoy our pregnancies and don’t let it slow us down. Look at her! 

She taught us a thing or two about pregnancy fashion : Oh the clothes she wore were gorgeous. We loved them so much!

She gave us pregnancy tips : The interviews she gave during pregnancy may be regarded as spreading awareness. 

She looked so glowing and happy! She looked like a million bucks but we couldn’t help but notice the sweet glow on her face everytime, everywhere.

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