Top Pakistani actors who failed to make a mark in Bollywood

Not everybody is a Fawad Khan. There are many actors who were considered top actors in Pakistan, but they failed to make a mark in Bollywood. Here is a list of five such actors.


Humayun Sayeed : He is one of the top actors in Pakistan but he couldn’t make a mark in Bollywood. He made his debut with a film called Jashn which failed at the box office. Humayu took a step back from Bollywood after the failure. 


Mikal Zukfiqar : He has been trying to get a foothold in Bollywood for quite sometime and has already done a few films. However success continues to elude the actor. 


Meera : All her films have flopped at the box office but we hear that talks are on for another project that stars her in a prominent role.



Veena Malik : After a spate of flops, the actor has now retired in Dubai. 


Humaima Malik : She starred in a film called Raja Natwarlal opposite Emraan Hashmi but she hasn’t been able to bag projects after that. She is still looking for a good project.

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