Indian actors who have acted in super hit Pakistani films

There are many Indian actors who have acted in Pakistani films and some of the films were hits too. However, none of the Indian superstars have so far worked in a Pakistani film. Here are a few prominent names who have acted in films produced in Pakistan.

Om Puri : He has acted in the film Actor-in-law in Pakistan. The film is the latest Pakistani film which stars a prominent Indian actor. The film is a huge hit in Pakistan as of today.

Naseruddin Shah : He has acted in two superhit films: Khuda Kay Liye and Zinda Bhag. Both the films were hits. 

Kirron Kher : She acted in the film Khamosh Paani. That film was also a superhit.

Simran Bagga : She acted in the film, Koi Tujhsa Kahan. The film was a hit too.

Nausheen Ali Sardar : The film was called Main Ek din laut ke ayunga. That film was a hit in Pakistan.

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