One-on-One with Disha Patani

Femina Miss India 2013 runner up Disha Patani made her debut in Bollywood with  her film M.S.Dhoni the Untold Story.  Disha plays the role of Dhoni’s former girlfriend Priyanka Jha. Priyanka Jha died in a tragic road accident when Dhoni was playing his first tri-series in Zimbabwe.  

Not only that Disha also has an international film Kungfu Yoga with none other than Jackie Chan. But Disha is more spoken about for her friendship with Tiger Shroff even before the release of her films.

Disha a lot is being said about your friendship with Tiger Shroff

We are good friends what more can I say.  When I arrived in Mumbai I was eager to learn gymnastics and martial arts.  I came to know that Tiger Shroff’s team has started this Team Tiger where they train people in Gymnastics, kick boxing  and martial arts.  I joined the team to train myself so I got to know Tiger better. Now we are just good friends.  I have always said that but it’s upto people to  believe it or not. It’s a part of the job when you are in the limelight people will talk. I am in showbiz and people will want to know me, about my personal life. I understand why people are talking about us.  It does not worry me.

You have done a single with him?

Yes I was approached for this single and  when I got this opportunity I jumped at this chance. He is one of the best dancers and he’s amazing. Getting an opportunity to dance with him was by itself an amazing opportunity. I couldn’t manage to match my steps with him but I enjoyed it.

Tell us about your role in M.S.Dhoni : I play Dhoni’s former girlfriend Priyanka in the film. I didn’t get a chance to meet him. Now that I have done the film I know a lot more about him.

How comfortable were you doing the romantic scenes together?

Hollywood is open to kissing and intimacy on screen and now it’s not new to Bollywood either. When two people love each other it’s bound to happen. I have no problems with such scenes.

Do you feel that Miss India contest was the next step to stardom?

I did schooling in Bareilly and went to Luckow University for my B.Tech. At the age of 13 to 14 years. I was a tomboy and didn’t know how to face the camera. I was not confident about myself. My  mother  is a great fan of Miss India  so she coaxed me to participate. I was into modelling and didn’t feel the need to go ahead. I was happy with my career. I never planned anything.  When I was doing my B.Tech I got an offer to model for Pantaloons and life changed after that. I was into modelling and travelling so much. For B.Tech you have to attend classes and lectures. I chose modelling over B.Tech. One thing led to another and I decided to go for acting. I shifted to Mumbai.

You have also done a Telugu film how was it working with director Puri Jagannath?

Director Puri Jagannath is a fun guy and he will make everyone on the sets happy and is very chilled out.  I  had  to learn huge monolouges and act and I couldn’t  understand the meaning of the dialogues. It was a beautiful journey and  trained me to come to Bollywood.

Your next is an international film Kung Fu Yoga?

Yes my first international project.  Hope this film will improve the Indo-China relationships. I have done a lot of stunts in this film and that too with a Global star like Jackie Chan who is known for his stunts. The film has been shot in Beijing, Iceland, Rajasthan. The film stars both Indian and Chinese stars.  It is all set for a release on Chinese New Year and is being made in Hindi, English and Mandarin and will be dubbed in many other lanugages. Sonu Sood is producing the film.

Any wish list of directors?

No wish list. I am not so demanding in life. I am concentrating on my film now. I have not seen the film and am eager for the release.  

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