Bollywood heroes who are super fit

There are heroes and then there are fitter heroes. Actually a lot of heroes are unfit in Bollywood, never mind if they have a ripped body. While compiling this list we didn’t equate fitness with muscles and this is what we came up with.

Siddharth Malhotra : He has trained hard for his roles and he has one of the fittest bodies around.

Akshay Kumar : He is the oldest actor in the list and he can still give the younger heroes a run for their money.

Vidyut Jamvwal : There can be no doubts about his fitness levels even if one has seen one action scene of this actor.

Varun Dhawan : This man is perhaps the best dancer in Bollywood and this is the secret of his amazing fitness levels.

Tiger Shroff : Nobody can equate Tiger when it comes to fitness levels because that is what his USP is. Tiger is well on his way to become an action superstar in Bollywood.

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