Did you know they were not born in India?

There are a lot of actors and actresses who were not born in India. There are some names that we are all aware of – like Sunny Leone, Katrina Kaif, Lisa Ray etc. But there are actors who we never knew were not born in India. Yes, there are some names in this list that will surprise you to no end. Presenting five such actors in Bollywood that we never knew weren’t born in India. 


Imran Khan : Though he has made India his home long time back but Imran Khan was born in the US and continues to hold a US passport. His father is, Ajit Pal, a Bengali living in Silicon Valley and Imran meets up with him in the US from time to time. 


Evelyn Sharma : Though she is a rising star in Indian cinema, she is only half Indian. Evelyn was born in Frankfurt in Germany.


Sarah Jane Dias : She has made a singing career in addition to a Bollywood career. Sarah was born in Muscat, Oman.


Monica Dogra : She impressed us with her acting skills in Dhobi Ghat and is considered one of the successful singers in India today. Monica was born in New York.


Deepika Padukone : She is the most surprising inclusion in our list. Deepika was born in Copenhagen, Germany. Her father, badminton legend, Prakash Padukone was going through an extensive training session there and had shifted his family there temporarily where his wife gave birth to the Indian superstar. However, they moved back to Indian before she turned one. 

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