Things that Bollywood heroines hate talking about

There are so many things that they love but there are a lot of things that they hate talking about.
Here are five leading actresses and their pet peeves when they are being interviewed. Talk to them about these subjects at your own risk.

Vidya Balan : She hates talking about pregnancy. Basically, Vidya Balan has squashed so many pregnancy rumours during her lifetime that she absolutely detests it.

Sonakhsi Sinha : Don’t even mention the word “weight” in front of her. The word absolutely gets her angry.

Sonam Kapoor : The actress hates talking about body sizes. Even though she is a style diva, she believes that everybody should be comfortable in their own skin. 

Alia Bhatt : Relationships.  Yes Alia doesn’t want to talk about that. And she never wants to talk about it ever.

Parineeti Chopra : Parineeti doesn’t like cheesy pick-up lines. In fact, she has said that she is allergic to pick-up lines.

Anushka Sharma : Box office figures. All those number games absolutely bore Anushka. She doesn’t want to talk about the 100-crore game. She would rather talk about the film instead. 

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