Five actors who love to eat eggs

Eggs is a staple breakfast for a lot of people but we specially selected these actors because they have more than one egg for breakfast. Some of the people mentioned in the list have as many as eight to ten eggs trust us. Yes, most of them take the egg yolk away and prefer to stick to only the whites. For the record, most of the Bollywood stars have and prefer organically bred eggs.

Sushmita Sen : She says that she draws most of her early morning protein requirements from egg whites. You are most likely to find egg whites in Sushmita’s breakfast diet regime.

Bipasha Basu : Bipasha is a huge lover of fish during lunches but more often than not she would prefer eggs with milk for her breakfast.

Ranbir Kapoor : Ranbir Kapoor supplements his exercise regime with egg whites.  We know that there are times when he asks his chef to leave the yolks where they belongs, on his plate.

Deepika Padukone : Deepika too is fond of egg whites but this comes after her south Indian Idli and Poha. She is most likely to be seen with egg whites on her plate after a good workout.

Salman Khan :  Salman Khan takes a lot of egg whites after his initial workout regime in the morning. Once in a while, he would like a masala egg white omlette on his breakfast table too! 

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